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Category: Text to Speech

Industries: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business


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The Hive

Category: Text to Speech

Industries: Artificial Intelligent, Software Development


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Most popular feedback for WellSaid

The voices in WellSaid are mind-blowingly realistic. I love the feature of creation custom pronunciations for words the software might mispronounce. Also, I like the options of choosing which style you prefer per voice (narration, conversational, etc.) Finally, the multiple takes feature really sells it for me. The only drawback to this software is the price. It's a pretty steep monthly/annual fee. However considering the cost of hiring a voiceover artist or the low quality of lesser priced software, it's worth the price.

About WellSaid

Wellsaid is a text-to-speech solution that generates high-quality voices using cutting-edge deep learning techniques. Wellsaid allows developers to incorporate spoken content into their applications with just a few lines of text. Furthermore, these new voices can be customized by choosing from a variety of AI voice avatars. These avatars are intended to improve the engagement and usability of digital experiences.

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Most popular feedback for The Hive

Hive Moderation is the Strong solution to save platform from harmful content.IT provide the user friendly interface with video and screen captures.It is used to mobilize the global distributed human work force by labelling data.It provide the solution at scale to manage the issues.

Lura S.

About The Hive

The Speech-to-Text API for Hive consumes an audio stream and outputs each word that was spoken along with a confidence score and timestamp. In addition, we provide a verbatim transcript of the entire book. We also offer automatic language detection, where you can pass in any audio clip and we'll identify/transcribe to the relevant language automatically if you want to employ various languages.

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WellSaid reviews

WellSaid is a fantastic product that puts out high quality audio that fits into today's designs and production cycles.

- Annette Cañeda, ED.D - Learning Consultant & Designer at University of Carolina, San Francisco;

If anyone wants the opportunity to have more control over their production process and time, and if they want to be more competitive especially in the eLearning space, WellSaid is a no brainer.

- Dan Streeter - VP of Learning Strategy and Development at Blue Sky eLearn;

We've been really happy with WellSaid! With a selection of modern voices we can rely on, our training feels more like a conversation rather than a teacher giving a lesson.

- Hector Castro - Sobeys

The Hive reviews

Hive is the one-stop solution to protect your platform from harmful visual, audio, and text content. Hive moderation offers custom solutions using both manual moderation and models

- Maheshwari V.-Engineer

I would say, i don't have anything specific to say as Hive offers a variety of solutions, and i have used every bit of it. However, I have used it for 2-3 years and it solved the major business problems.

- Dheeraj L.- Manager Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Customer Data Management

Pros & cons


Ease of use
Good quality of voice
Lots of voice options
Some characters can pronounce words in a strange manner
Some of the voices could be a little more natural sounding

The Hive

Speech-to-Text Transcription
Speech Moderation
Sound Moderation and Classification
Few supported languages
No Trial version only demo
Cannot view Pricing plan unless requested from sales department

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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