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Category: File Transfer Tool
Industries: Communication, Busines, Marketing



US$ 10/month


US$ 19/month


Category: File Transfer Tool
Industries: Business, Marketing, Social Media



10GB Free: Free forever

20GB €0.99/month: €0.99 billed monthly

200GB €4.49/month: €4.49 billed monthly

2TB €9.99/month: €9.99 billed monthly


10GB Free: Free forever

20GB €0.89/month: €10.68 billed annually

200GB €3.49/month: €41.88 billed annually

2TB €8.99/month: €107.88 billed annually

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WeTransfer reviews

My experience with WeTransfer is very positive, both in the workplace and at home. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to quickly, securely, and efficiently transfer files to check out WeTransfer.

- Christina L. Graphic Designer

Wetranfer solved alot as to mention , -Time management.(no long procedures) -Reliability (Day&night one can send files) -Management easy to work with.

- Kenneth S. Manager

I use WeTransfer whenever I need to share files through a link, a tool that gives me more security and serves me as quickly as it works.

- Danielli S. CEO

Internxt reviews

The interface provided by Internxt drive is so user friendly and easy to use. The cloud based file storage allow you to secure your data at one place and you can access it from anywhere around the world. When you upload a file on Internxt drive the file is client side encrypted which provides a better security for your data. It also provides option of file sharing which adds extra feature to it.

- Himanshu S.

I was looking for a Google Drive & Dropbox alternative that is secure and private, and this met my needs.

- Dean G.

I was looking for a secure and reliable file storage solution and came across this. Internxt Drive is a zero-knowledge file storage service and it's based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security. It includes a decentralized Name Server, which hides your data from the outside, and a zero-knowledge encryption that allows you to protect your files from hackers and anyone who wants to access them without permission. It's perfect for companies and projects, and it's even more powerful than Google Drive and Dropbox.

- Barathkumaar R.

Pros & cons


Great experience and would love to have an enterprise solution to further embedded in our environment
It is wonderful that one can easily transfer large files to contacts using WeTransfer without having to sign in or know a lot about computers at all is an amazing thing
I am a very satisfied, happy customer of WeTransfer
I recommend it to my colleagues and friends in real life, and I recommend it now to people I don't know online
This software / app is wonderful, the idea of being able to transfer large files for free is great, and there is a paid option, which I have never needed yet."

The main defect of the tool is the limit of 7 days for the files to be downloaded
After that, they are deleted from the server
Once in a while, I'll have to re-upload a file due to an error, but not often
It can be frustrating if upload times are lengthy and the upload fails in the last 10
If you have a weak WiFi connection, the file transfer will take forever
This is inconvenient when you are in a rush or have a tight deadline to meet
You don't have a link history so sometimes you have to upload a file a second time just because you lost the link."


User friendly and easy to use
Information is encrypted, safe from hakers.

The android app is bit unstable and even crash sometimes
Slow to upload
Preview is not available for all files.

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