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Category: Project Management Tool
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Whatfix reviews

This application is really easy to use for you and your clients. Since we created a platform with so much content in TravelContact, Whatfix helps our customers know every detail we offer. Now our clients, such as travel advisors, agencies, DMC have two different tools to make life easier for them. On the other hand Whatfix´s support team has been impressive, they have solved every doubt or inconvenience that we have presented throughout the process.

- Iziar R. Ejecutivo de Ventas Estados Unidos

Fantastic product, easy company to work with. Highly reccomend!

- Neil D. Head of Product

So far we've encountered very few if any, issues while using the Whatfix product. Our experience has been extremely positive. Any feedback that we do have, Whatfix quickly responds and adapts, continually improving their service.

- Addie C. Product Manager

BudgetPak reviews

Xlerant customer service and support are excellent. If any questions arise, we ask and they promptly respond. There is ongoing training offered in the form of a support site, webinars and newsletters. BudgetPak is robust and well-written. Our users are mostly non-financial people and they've found it easy to use. We made the right choice.

- Lynda F. Accounting Technician II

I am attempting to have our College use BudgetPak in the place of budgeting with jut Excel.

- Kathy H. BudgetAnalyst

Inclusive budgeting process and much enhanced ability to forecast and deliver needed reports.

- Clint L. Executive Director for Budgets & Financial Service

Pros & cons


Best value I found when researching for a product like this
Also the service can not be beat
Our Whatfix Customer Success Manager Kritika has been amazingly responsive to our questions and creative in finding solutions
Their team really helped us during a project we were doing, and I think they would be great for any company looking for help
This is a must to onboard customers and drive retention
I love that I can continuously grow the help library we have for our customers simply without needing the help of my developers."

The only negative I have to say is that whatfix is not catered well for bigger web apps which present the users with multiple options to complete the task they set out to do
If you do not follow the steps exactly described in the Flow, then you drop out and need to start Flow from the beginning
The End-users does not have time to restart the Flow
Setting up analytics is a little difficult and an added step to check
It is lack of analytical features
Some features is not easy to configure."


There is no comparison out there and this is hands down the best purchase I have made in my 11 years as Budget Director
Great for what-if scenarios
Robust headcount management
Very useful for all sizes of organizations
We examined all of the top Gartner-recommended products, and this was by far the easiest for our staff to understand and be proficient with
This is our second year with it
I loved it from the start and still do."

On-the-fly configuration changes often require a system "reinitialization" which requires the software be taken offline for a short period of time
Can be done off-hours, but in an international company with users all over the world, this can be inconvenient
While this is happening, no other end users are able to see or work on their budgets since system is under maintenance
Unfortunately, we have some complicated travel calculations for budgeting that still have to be done out of the system
But we are able to attach our worksheets in BudgetPak for reference."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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