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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for Wimi

Wimi is an innovative that allows you to perform work management efficiently, reviewing every detail of the tasks to be carried out, with a fluid system that allows I to work, organize and plan quite effectively. It provides powerful tools with a wide range of productivity, ranging from calendars and task segmentation. It's possible to carry everything in a fairly coordinated way, thanks to the fact that it entablishes the appropiate connections and guides to successfully achieve the work objectives. It is possible to achieve teamwork thanks to its collaborative and active interface that allows each member of the work tean to participate in the progress of business projects.

Alicia J.

About Wimi

Wimi is a complete digital collaboration toolbox that helps you stay organized and make teamwork more efficient. Wimi goes beyond typical collaboration software as it includes messaging channels, files & drive, tasks, calendars and video conferencing. Wimi lets your entire team collaborate effortlessly and work smarter together. Thanks to Wimi refined access-right management, you can also bring your clients on board and share specific data with them.

Most popular feedback for Hightail

HighTail allows me to send large files efficiently to clients or suppliers. Since I deal with artwork design and production each and every day I really need an safe, fast and effective way to share files whether they be large proofs or final files for print/web production. HighTail generally suits my needs.

David O.

About Hightail

Hightail is project management built for creative content, with features that allow you to send large files, preview content (such as PDFs, HTML, videos and images), collect precise feedback, assign tasks, monitor activity with team dashboards, control versions and route approvals in one application. Hightail helps teams to reduce the amount of time it takes to review work, keeping projects on track, and is easy for any team member to use, whether inside or outside your organization.

Wimi reviews

The ability to independently customise and control each workspace as well as the administrator's ability to decide what information guest users have access to. The calendar and drive belong to the workspaces and not to the users, an essential fact to be able to collaborate and centralise information!

- Patrícia C. Coordinator of Unitat del TROS - Paido Salut Infantil

This system is innovative for us, allowing us to achieve constant communication between the work group to carry out projects and events, the Wimi system is a collaborative process which maintains different tools such as internal messaging, conferences, presentations and more in what communication is He refers, it allows me to maintain a constant collaboration I love because it is not common software, the tools are very effective and I am happy about it.

- James C.

The amount of profiles synchronised simultaneously on mac is limited.Exporting tasks under a good project management scheme isn't yet accessible.

- Ashish J. Software Engineer

Hightail reviews

Hightail has some really awesome customer service. Other than that, I feel there are other cloud storage and file sharing applications that are more superior.

- Sheila Z. Graphic Design

At a great price, you can store a TON of files, very useful for anyone who is constantly sending, receiving, and storing all types of files.

- Wyatt E. Sales And Marketing Specialist

Usually I'm fully satisfied with this software. While using this software my major fear was about the security. But they're providing a strong security for the consumers.

- Ebin K. Senior Associate

Pros & cons


I tried so many alike tools as I was looking for something that will really fit my needs
Wimi is a fantastic solution to share documents, organize meetings, follow projects and motivate people to follow the activities of other services
It is efficient and simple to use
You can share a document to your teamwork and at the same time can schedule a meeting with them thanks to Wimi Calendar is very nice and useful
Good for team work and collaboration
Keep all your projects organized and increase productivity of the team."
We lacked the tool to register those events systematically, give transparency on scheduling and avoid conflicts of schedules
Currently, there are no Gantt Charts for project management
Perhaps, because I am more and more inclined to use non-Kanban task tracking systems -- which is no fault of Wimi
At first, the number of features offered can confuse."


Hightail is a Lifesaver - a Great Tool for Disseminating Large Files
I feel it is a more secure process when using an app as opposed to using a service such as WeTransfer
I consider the free version to be a great tool that is less troublesome than dropbox
I love that it is extremely easy for everyone involved to use
Whether you are sending or receiving files, it's a very simple process which is so important when I use this service with clients
I deal with our creative agency on a daily basis, sharing large files is a necessity, and Hightail is the best software I've found for it."
This was my go to for high res files and large content to send to outside partners
I no longer use it because IT has proposed a new site
The organization is a little weird, I'm still not entirely sure what all the features are on this site
I was never really able to get the files I stored in the cloud to sync in my local computer drive, so I lost quite a bit of files
I found Hightail more pricier than it needs to be
Change to Hightail was a bad deal, porno name lost me some customers."

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