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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business, Fianncial




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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business, Fianncial


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Wimi reviews

The ability to independently customise and control each workspace as well as the administrator's ability to decide what information guest users have access to. The calendar and drive belong to the workspaces and not to the users, an essential fact to be able to collaborate and centralise information!

- Patrícia C. Coordinator of Unitat del TROS - Paido Salut Infantil

This system is innovative for us, allowing us to achieve constant communication between the work group to carry out projects and events, the Wimi system is a collaborative process which maintains different tools such as internal messaging, conferences, presentations and more in what communication is He refers, it allows me to maintain a constant collaboration I love because it is not common software, the tools are very effective and I am happy about it.

- James C.

The amount of profiles synchronised simultaneously on mac is limited.Exporting tasks under a good project management scheme isn't yet accessible.

- Ashish J. Software Engineer

MartusTools reviews

User friendly for most non-financial users. You can narrow your search by locations, departments, activities, funds and for Non-Profits is a very useful tool for anyone in the organization. The owner, Bill Cox is a very helpful person and is always looking for ways to improve the software. For non-financial users, the dashboards are very helpful.

- Jose Constantino A. Financial Controller

Accessible through the web and integrates with our users current sign on credentials. It allows us to be fully paperless when communicating our financial reporting and during budgeting process. It also allows us to quickly send out financials with a notification email that I trigger once entries are updated each month. It also seamlessly connects to our accounting software for continual updates on income and expenses without having to export and import manually.

- Adam H. Finance Director

The Planner provides an efficient and effective means for budgeting across several departments. It is easy to use for the department heads. They love the ease of use and the look at the actuals of the prior year. The product is constantly being updated and improved. The Dashboard provides a great look at key performance factors with easy to understand graphics, great for communicating with church leaders.

- Janice C. Director of Church Administration

Pros & cons


I tried so many alike tools as I was looking for something that will really fit my needs
Wimi is a fantastic solution to share documents, organize meetings, follow projects and motivate people to follow the activities of other services
It is efficient and simple to use
You can share a document to your teamwork and at the same time can schedule a meeting with them thanks to Wimi Calendar is very nice and useful
Good for team work and collaboration
Keep all your projects organized and increase productivity of the team."

We lacked the tool to register those events systematically, give transparency on scheduling and avoid conflicts of schedules
Currently, there are no Gantt Charts for project management
Perhaps, because I am more and more inclined to use non-Kanban task tracking systems -- which is no fault of Wimi
At first, the number of features offered can confuse."


I needed a solution that would consolidate many budgets and Martus works great for that
The owner, Bill Cox is a very helpful person and is always looking for ways to improve the software
For non-financial users, the dashboards are very helpful
Has been a real asset to our church and financial management team
Great service and support too
We are very pleased with Martus
The staff can review their financial data without having to ask Finance for the data."

Because the Planner is essentially a once per year tool, it is sometimes difficult for me ( a technically unsophisticated user) to use it properly as the administrator
There is no really anything that I don't like about this software
It is just packed with sorting functions and reporting options
So other than lack of knowledge, I do not have anything I don't like
It is hard for some non-accounting staff to use and understand, the options for displaying the data are difficult to navigate to be able to see what we want to see."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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