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Zoho Mail

Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing, Education


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Woodpecker.co reviews

Its not a bad product if they work out the kinks. I would probably give it another try if they added some of the additional features I messaged them about.

- Heath H. Owner

It was intuitive for me to use and was really great for analyzing the campaigns, exporting, editing and adding contacts.

- Dairis D. Manager

like that Woodpecker not only automates my messaging but also gives a possibility to customize the first message for one particular prospect. As a result, even though my campaigns are automated, they still have a personal touch.

- Julia I. Sales Lead

Zoho Mail reviews

Zoho mail is easy to deploy & manage. Plus, you can get started with it for Free, so, have been quite Happy with it.

- Mohan Lal D. Automation Expert

I have had two other e-mail hosts and Zoho has been the best so far. Their prices are very good, their support is amazing. I have not had any issues since changing over.

- Gary D. Program Director

The best part of Zoho is that as an easy and conivent dashboard. It is easy for a new user to navigate the menus provided by work drive, meetings, and notebook and understand the features.

- Himanshu D. Web developer intern

Pros & cons


Everything is so easy to upload and track when it comes to sequencing emails
I love that it's also easy to edit and make changes
We have been using Woodpecker for about two years now, and we have found it to be a really impressive tool in our mission to streamline cold email outreach in our organization
Woodpecker has a great tracking system, absolutely nice and clean email validation and list cleaning
You can create such a great follow-ups with a lot of types of scenario
They go to great lengths to ensure they don't just answer your questions but that you understand the answers and that you were able to be successful in implementing the solution."

The major downside to Woodpecker is the lack of two very important features for email marketing
To change the order of a sequence, I have to copy/paste the email between fields
Why can't I just drag and drop - or anything other than copy/paste
I would say the analytics may the the downside of Woodpecker
First they are not very thorough but they also lack in precision and fidelity compared to other software I have been able to test
I personally have no meaningful negative comments regarding my experience so far."

Zoho Mail

I would recommend to anyone who doesn't want to use the standards out there and at a great value
I recommend Zoho to everyone who wants your professional mail for free for life with great features, and if your workspace is bigger, they also offer various plans that you can subscribe to
This was a godsend to me, having tried other mail services for your domain, including those that come with your hosting
This is by far the easiest and better one
Zoho even offers a great Zoho Mail mobile app which works great on all mobile devices and systems
It supports adding multiple accounts which is great if you happen to manage multiple email boxes."

I use a spam blocker application thats why now i dont have this problem but before i had trouble with spams
There was a problem creating the address [email protected]
I want to use that address in order to have a paypal account with that address for the business, but no
So you need the desktop after all
I rely on desktop anyway but it is shocking that in this day and age, Zoho does not get mobile experience right
I already contacted support a few times but they still haven't fixed that
Some less experienced users could find it confusing to forward email because of this poor wording."

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