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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing


Full disclosure – it does cost $4.99 to purchase but you’ll find this small fee is completely worth it in the long run.


Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Marketing Business


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Most popular feedback for WordSwag

Ever wish you had a 24/7 graphic designer to turn your social media ideas into gorgeous graphics? Then you will love WordSwag. It is a mobile application that turns your ideas, quotes, and content into attractive graphics that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere. In less than five minutes, you have a high quality and visually appealing graphic that will make your followers think you have a graphic designer on call.

Rachel Pedersen

About WordSwag

I reached out to customer service and received a reply almost immediately with helpful suggestions on how to remedy this issue. After deleting the app and shutting down my phone to reboot, then reinstalling, it took care of the issue. Has been running smoothly for over a two months now. Last night the issue happened again, but I will repeat the suggestions and have confidence I can get help if needed.

Most popular feedback for SocialDog

Social Dog has been the only Twitter app that has helped me achieve balance with my followers. I have tried many other Twitter follow/unfollow apps and no others have helped me to achieve balance with my 22.9k followers. I like to follow twitter etiquette and follow back people that follow me. Conversely I like to unfollow people that do not follow me back. So, basically, I try to keep my followers and unfollowers number the same. Beyond that Social Dog has some awesome analytics that help your business grow, you seriously need to look into getting this app and using it...take it for a test run...I love it so far.

Temogen A.

About SocialDog

SocialDog is all-In-One Twitter marketing service allowing businesses and individuals to manage their Twitter accounts smartly and efficiently ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ Features such as account operation management, follower management, engagement analytics and auto-tweet scheduling to help you to optimize your activity and grow your social media presence. SocialDog is Awarded "IT Review Grid Award Leader" for winning SaaS and and recognized as a smart and efficient Twitter management tool with over 800K + users.

WordSwag reviews

I have used Word Swag on my iPad for years. Now using Android. This app is different from iPad. The free Android version has fewer backgrounds to choose from but you can import your own photos, &`there are no temporary gridlines for centering text on your photo.. Also, Android has more fonts and the shadow feature for fonts is nice. IPad version cycles through various text formatting and some of those were cool. Left, right, & center only are on Android.

- Sandy Wilkinson

I actually love the experience! It has good quality, It doesn't have adds!! Tbh I love your app so much keep it up like that

- Aya Araz

Great font. Only thing this app needs, crucially, is the line levelers. When adjusting the form by the corner arrow tool, the whole text turns and trying to balance it back is tedious. A leveler will cut 80% of my edit time.

- Nicole Vélez-Jones

SocialDog reviews

What I liked the most of this software is being able to get analytics on my followers as well as the well designed graphs for different categories over different timelines.

- Jakub Q. Owner

Very good. Loved the ease of access and the ability to keep up with my data shout having to use google analytics or things of that sort.

- Don G. Produced

I dont think there are a lot ways to customize the information. I want to be able to get certain information per day and other information per week and per month and I dont see how to customize it that way.

- George M. Influencer

Pros & cons


Create designs using a variety of backgrounds and text graphics
Enjoy new graphic font styles thanks to the developers' constant input
Draw inspiration from other users on Instagram and from the Best of gallery.
Sometimes there are glitches
Doesn’t have the same features on Android and IOS
Hard to navigate


The UI is super nice
The in depth statistics are just incredible
I loved how much I was able to glean from this short trial
I will say, since my account isn't quite big enough to carry the cost yet, that i will unfortunately not be able to keep the subscription
However, with that being said and having tried a dozen at least other twitter tools, this is by far the most impressive.I havent tried downloading yet as I wanted to wait until the end to have maximum data gathered, but if I get to download to just review this insane data, then I think everyone even bothering to read this should just pull the trigger without a second more.Trust me, it is worth it for the trial, and if your account is more monetized and you can carry the cost, you will absolutely keep it.
The price is a bit much for me since I am only at 6,000 followers
I think im only about halfway rto being able to afford it
Maybe add in something with the new twitter shopping experience? Not much to complain about tbh

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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