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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Conenct squared - $7 per user/month

Momentum - $12.50 per user/month

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Workdove reviews

When introduced to the Performance Culture System (PCS), I was immediately impressed with the system's ability to align key players with our company goals as well as the graphic nature of the evaluation results on the 2 x 2 grid. This system has made a huge difference in our organization (we are an-in home care company with 300 employees) by creating a coaching culture via weekly meetings and quarterly performance reviews. Quarterly reviews are now two-way conversations between key players and their managers. In their 90-day performance reviews, key players have the opportunity to talk about what's going well, what help they need in areas that are not going well and specific actions for the next 90 days. This quarterly process enables managers to be proactive and to make adjustments in resources, support as well as individual goals. Because this system is web-based, key players and managers can track progress over time and go back to review manager and employee feedback. In the past, annual reviews were viewed as necessary obligations by employees and managers and, once complete, thrown in a drawer, never to be looked at again. PCS's unique ability to align individual performance objectives (and for us, individual bonuses) with company goals is now very clear to everyone. Since we have used PCS for a full year, I can honestly say that a 25% increase in our annual revenue is directly tied to our implementation of this system. I highly recommend this process to any organization that strives to align their employees with their company goals.

- Roberta F.

I love the check-in feature so that employees and managers can keep track of thoughts throughout the review cycle.

- Mary M.

The team has been patient with me and has helped me cross many finish lines. They have been awesome, and I've already referred others into this system. The team is very collaborative, flexible in helping you get what you want out of the tool(s) in Performance Culture.

- Kevin H.

Weekly10 reviews

It saves me so much time - it's helped me understand how my employees are getting on without taking endless hours of work and spreadsheets. I found the passup really useful for getting ideas to the right person in the company.

- Liam G.

Quick, concise, simple to use. Encourages you to take 5 minutes each week reviewing what you have achieved - I've found this activity enlightening & motivational. It's also great to take a moment to give kudos to colleagues, and awesome when a message pops up in your inbox that you've received some too!

- Valerie B.

Weekly10 is formatted in a way that makes feedback hassle-free and structured in a consistent framework style that makes it less like a chore and more like a valuable asset. The live actions to it being received, reviewed and responded is also a nice touch. I particularly liked the opportunity to nominate work colleagues who deserve a specific, it just means appreciation is not forgotten.

- Jason D.

Pros & cons


I like that employees can login and take ownership of their own goals and check-ins
This method feels much more interactive than shuffling paper back and forth to record progress
A fun progressive way to handle performance management and better understand your talent
The Check In process has helped us to consistently communicate with our employees (especially our remote employees), appreciate their efforts and track their goals."

I am confused about the order in which notifications are to be sent for starting a review and for ending a review
What does the manager need to do and what does the EE need to do
Some of the processes are confusing (our managers have a hard time with the signing process)
Some of the drop downs and lists are not in alphabetical order."


The part I liked the best is that it's very short and doesn't take up too much time each week.I also really like that it asks how I am doing
It helps me to look at my current mood and try to change it for the best.I do like that's its quite quick and makes my appraisals easier to fill out
Working i support it can be difficult to get to a computer and to get it done on time.

I am not a big fan of the colour scheme that is used
The layout, although clear, could probably do with a little improvement as it does look a little outdated
I sometimes dislike that when I have missed a weekly check-in, it says "OVERDUE" in big red letters, it makes me feel like I am being scolded
There is not really much else that I dislike about it.

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