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Most popular feedback for WriteWell

The thing I like best about write well is that it is online so I don't have to have a second application open that could potentially slow my computer down because when my computer lags or takes a while to load up I can lose my train of that or that perfect word I needed that just popped into my head. Another thing that i love about it is the seperate sections. it makes it great when you just want to focus on one portion then you can see it all together in the preview. I don't think there is anything I don't like, my computer crashed one time and I lost a few minutes of writing but that was my computers fault, not the program. I guess if I had to say one thing is sometimes the prewritten text makes its way into my document and one time I didn't notice and sent it out to a client that way. but once again, user error.

Chevelle M.

About WriteWell

Free writing tool available online that will help you write more effectively and efficiently. Free online writing software that can be used by professionals as well as students. Conquer the void that is the blank page and write with greater effect and economy. WriteWell is a writing app that has won multiple awards. It features an easy-to-use editor and a comprehensive collection of writing templates. You can get a head start on your writing project by selecting a format from our extensive template library that includes options for K12 students, college students, and professionals. WriteWell for Google Docs for G Suite is an add-on for Google Docs that allows you to kickstart your writing project by selecting a template from our extensive library that contains options for professionals, college students, and K-12 students. In order to help you through the process of writing, you can get outlines, tips, samples, and insightful phrases.

Most popular feedback for TextBuilder.ai

TextBuilder.ai is an excellent content tool that produces amazing output. It's very user-friendly and has a lot of features that make it stand out from other content tools. It's definitely worth checking out! I have been using TextBuilder for a while now and I have to say that I am really impressed with the output. The content is well written and the output is excellent. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who is looking for a content writing tool.

Kartik G.

About TextBuilder.ai

First Drag & Drop text builder for Affiliates in the world! Create lengthy, excellent articles and reviews with a single click. Increase your blog's affiliate revenue by writing. Write original, creative text 10x faster using a long-form text writer for copywriters and bloggers. It is the intelligent writing assistant you have always wanted. - Extremely quick text generator for startups, websites, and commercials. Enter information to produce lengthy, high-quality advertisements, blog introductions, outlines, business growth suggestions, and more.

WriteWell reviews

WriteWell is an exciting writing tool to help jumpstart your content marketing projects- blogs, ebooks, articles etc.

- Docurated

WriteWell is a great tool that streamlines and simplifies the content creation process, regardless of past writing skill or experience.

- TribeBoost

I've only just started using WriteWell but so far I find it pleasant to use. You may not think this is important, however, you have notice I'm sure how complicated and buggy the majority of apps and extensions are and this one is not. It is pleasant and even, I'd say, fun to use. Since I have not used it over a few months I give it four stars. In future I'm sure I can change it to 5. Enjoy!

- Weemus Studio Presents

TextBuilder.ai reviews

I have been using Write for the past couple of months, and my overall experience is excellent. It was easy to use and gave me everything I needed to do a perfect product review. I use it almost daily, and I recommend it to anyone, especially affiliate marketers.

- Najmus S.

This is a great tool to speed up content creation, that will help anyone get over the writers block.

- claudiu b.

It doesn't have any official tutorial made by developer. The textbuilder AI needs some learning before you produce a perfect article. And the developer must consider this ASAP.

- Rajshekhar K.

Pros & cons


Easy to use
Clean and simple UIUX


Fast and easy article generation
The most powerful feature of this tools is affiliate product review feature
High-speed generation Easy to use Best for Amazon affiliate marketers Specialized listicle generator
The user interface should be improved No unlimited credits
Lacking a version for mobile
Need to be support Multilanguage

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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