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Zoho Social reviews

Zoho Social has given me a major time saving when creating and planning posts. The layout is logical and easy to find what I'm looking for. All the analytics is perfect for me as a solopreneur. I'm loving the mobile app too.

- Kylie R Creative Entrepreneur

I like how simple is posting content with Zoho Social. My main goal is to post with a schedule, on the 5 or 6 different platforms. Zoho made it simple for me even if it's a photo or other attachment. Definitely posting schedule is better than Meta's which doesn't work often for me.

- Dominika T. CEO

easy at first but got too complicated as time went on linking other accounts and if you use IG beware if you change to a professional account from other, it takes ages to get back on board with where you were

- Fee B. Director

Scal-e reviews

We use Scal-e on a daily basis and the solution has everything we need (marketing stack, privacy module, DQM, loyalty program, distributed marketing, etc.) is there. The goal is achieved for us, at a pretty good price, even with a large volume of data and users having to log in.

- Guillaume C. Managing Director

A real distributed marketing tool, appreciated by all distribution networks Very easy to use for marketing team without knowledge A real data model (CDP) allowing to gain in reactivity and quality of targeting Many native APIs Extensive management of the GDPR

- Matthieu V. Directeur du Pôle CRM

There is nothing that weakens the process now. A recommendation for the future would be to always maintain the high UX quality and enhance AI.

- Taciana A. Business Development

Pros & cons

Zoho Social

Amazing software would highly recommend it for all who works on social media daily, facilitate tasks, you do the job once and Zoho takes care of the rest
IT has been awesome to see the fucntionality and the easy of use of this an other products from the same company
I am more than happy to suggest this to everyone
It provides great service and is the need of the hour in the current social media management for businesses
The social media platforms have been great, and I love the analytics that are shown for them."

Customer support was awful
They were slow to respond, and once they did, the answer was usually "Sorry, that is not available" or "that is not something that can be done
No general overview about all channels
Bad handling for videos and images (especially instagram)
What I disliked the most about the software is that it would shorten website links within the caption
There are some limitations regarding posting to instagram and managing instagram accounts, though almost all social media managers struggle here."


Handling your database, sending out communication campaigns, managing a loyalty program ..
everything is easy and highly efficient with Scal-e
The software is easy of use and it was also pretty fast to perform all the initial setup
We very much like their "solution by industry" which helped us to start a live pilot in a matter of days
The solution offered by Scal-e was very easy to customise to my unique business cases and allowed me to improve my margins
The team is also very professional and responsive
In addition to helping to keep them satisfied and interactive throughout the relationship journey due to the expertise in customer intelligence & retention."

It's hard to navigate the galaxy of marketing software packages
After several disappointments, I did my research to finally find the "Real CDP" label
Some integrations were missing, but were addressed very quickly by the team."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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