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Writing can be difficult. It is made simpler by Werdsmith.

Werdsmith transforms your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad into a potent writing studio that encourages you to write. You’ll write more than ever thanks to tools that encourage you and aid in overcoming writer’s block.

Here’s how it functions:
1. jot down your thoughts
Werdsmith makes it simple to quickly add ideas as they come to you so they don’t get lost. Have no ideas? Our AI, Ghostwriter, creates original and captivating writing prompts for you.
2. begin the project.
Move your project to your Projects List when you are prepared to begin it. Choose Novel, Screenplay, or Poem Mode from this point on to automatically format your writing as you type. This permits you to go. 3. Establish a writing routine.
Many authors have a daily writing habit that they stick to. Werdsmith will remind you to write at the time you select, assisting you in developing a daily writing habit.

4. Set a target.
You may track your progress by adding a word count objective to your project. You can follow your daily stats in our widget or Apple Watch app, and we’ll even show you how many words and how much time you’ve spent writing.

5. Obtain criticism and publish
When your creation is ready, you may export it to thousands of other applications or your computer, post it to readers, or share it privately with your editors.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

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Sir Richard Branson

Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson


In-App Purchases
Ghostwriter (100 prompts)
Ghostwriter (200 prompts)
Ghostwriter (200 Prompts)
Pros Cons
All your projects stay up to date between iPhone and iPad, automatically backed up and protected You can use all of Werdsmith's features for free, but there are limits, for example in the number of projects you can add, the number of writing prompts you can create, or the amount of time you can spend in Novel Mode or using app themes
Werdsmith can fit into your existing writing process, or you can treat it like a fresh start You can increase or remove these limits by becoming a Werdsmith member
It's up to you. Sync, backup and sharing features are optional, but require a free Werdsmith account.

Werdsmith reviews

Scared to update I’ve been using this app since 2016 and use it to write every single day. I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to everything I’ve written in that time. Since I first downloaded it, there haven’t been many changes to the layout or anything major. I’m sure the new changes are for the better but I’m just really nervous about how they may change all the ideas I’ve written so far. I love this app and rely on it so much you have no idea. I’d just like to know if there’s any major changes to how ideas are organized that I should worry about before I update the app. Thank you for your time. Truly love this app, would just hate to see it change completely after using it for so long… ^ also will there still be a passcode? That’s a very important feature for me… ^ sorry, my last review I think you responded to was from a while back… Thanks for your responses! I feel a lot better about updating now knowing that it’s nothing too major. Although I will miss the custom passcode, that’s understandable. Maybe it could make a comeback in a future update lol. Thank you for your time and patience, sorry to be a bother lol. Really love this app <3

- Bubblehead515 , 11/04/2021

Great mobile word processor! I’ve used Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other mobile word processors. This is the only app I’ve been able to stick with for more than a few days (it’s been a few months). It’s simple; which I like. If you want bells and whistles, you might have to look elsewhere. But I find that’s what makes this processor far better than the others. You simply jump into a document and start writing. There’s very little to distract yourself with. You can write and save multiple documents—they are well organized on your dashboard. It has a dark-mode, which is key for me. The idea generator (which uses AI to either create a writing prompt or auto-complete a section of your own writing) is pretty good. It definitely keeps you writing if you feel stuck; even though you will most likely end up revising the suggestion it gives you. It does what it sets out to do. I personally feel this is the best word processor for writers like me—easily distracted procrastinators, who struggle to sit down and focus. You will find it much easier to “face the blank page” while using this app.

- KDaye , 03/03/2022

Amazing, highly recommended. Hello Werdsmith team, I would like to start this off to say, how this app has encouraged my love of writing into a passion. I am very glad I downloaded this app when I had the chance. Even though, I’ve had Werdsmith for less than a year, I still adore it. I used to not even know how to properly use a comma, semi colon, nor have a A in my English class. My favorite part of the whole set up would have to be, how you distinguish ideas and projects into separate categories. Love it! It’s to die for, therefore I am that type of person. Anyways, even though I did give you guys a five-star rating, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I made a suggestion. I know a heap load of apps have this nowadays, and was wondering if you could add an (a free) nighttime theme. That would help out a lot. I normally write later in afternoon when I have the chance and it’s almost blinding to look at a full out white screen. Now, I know you have different themes, but I don’t want to spend that type of money. I simply have the free version. I hope you guys take my commentary to consideration. Thank you, have a good day and or night. -Summer Werdsmith

- MLP_Lover23 , 12/30/2018

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