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With WProofreader safe writing assistant, you may improve and correct your emails, documents, and communications.
Grammar and spelling checker WProofreader is a safe plugin that supports multiple languages. Depending on your plan, you can host it locally, privately (Business plan), or publicly (Free plan) in a cloud.

What does WProofreader come with in a package?


In numerous languages, WProofreader detects and fixes grammatical errors in addition to spelling mistakes. English, German, and Spanish grammatical checks in WProofreader are AI-powered and perform more accurately.


While a user is typing, autocorrect automatically corrects or offers changes for frequent spelling errors. “The” and “don’t” are automatically substituted for misspelled words like “hte” and “don’t”. All supported languages come standard with automatic correct spelling turned on. It is always user-customizable, and users can choose to disable it.


When a user inputs a word, a function that automatically proposes the next word or short sentence does so depending on the context. The feature, for instance, proposes “you” when the user inputs “thank.” By clicking the right arrow key, suggestions that are highlighted in gray can be accepted. English dialects currently have autocomplete available. Writing quickly and improving corporate communication are two benefits of autocomplete.


We put the security of your data as the utmost importance; as a result, we provide on-premise implementation for enterprises. The text checker may be hosted and operated on corporate servers on-site or in a private cloud. It prevents every possibility of data leaking and offers the highest level of protection for both your personal and business information. On Amazon EC2 servers under the Free plan, WProofreader can also be installed in a shared cloud. Customer security is extremely important to us. We conform to all security guidelines and recommendations from the business community.


WProofreader is a tool that fits all needs and is compatible with your favorite personal and professional platforms, including social media sites, email clients, discussion boards, Jira, Confluence, Zendesk, and Medium, to mention a few.

Text checker that is practical

When typing, proofread texts however you choose. The amount of errors is displayed by a tiny orange emblem in the bottom right corner. For whatever type of user, WProofreader is completely accessible. While you enjoy the proofreading, use the keys to navigate.


Always feel free to customize WProofreader. The main language can be chosen, proofreading options can be adjusted, user spelling dictionaries can be expanded, websites can be blocked or allowed, and a WProofreader theme can be selected. You can achieve results that are accurate as those of a human editor by fine-tuning your proofreading engine.


Even difficult tasks, such checking text that is written in multiple languages, can be handled using WProofreader. Turn on the automatically detect language option in the language settings, and take pleasure in seeing your selection of French, English, Spanish, and German (or another language) checked. It is activated by default for the autodetection feature.


Due to its extreme adaptability, WProofreader works well in any sector or field. For all of your users, either create a single dictionary or provide them the option to develop their own vocabularies. Your communication will be much simpler and more seamless as a result. We also offer ready-made dictionaries with a specialist lexicon for the legal and medical sectors.


In order to collaborate more effectively and quickly, proofread individually and in groups. To impose consistency on professional communications with colleagues, develop a company style guide.


You may always get assistance from the WProofreader staff with anything, including setup and custom fine-tuning. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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