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Mind maps are analogous to outlines and encourage activity in the right hemisphere of the brain. By scattering the ideas around the page rather than arranging them in a linear fashion, new relationships can be brought to light, which can improve comprehension.

XMind provides a streamlined workflow, a graphics engine that is quick to respond, a mode that eliminates distractions, and all of the fundamental capabilities that are required to generate and format mind maps. However, it is not noticeably superior to the products that it competes with. If you require more fully-featured applications, you can purchase them, but there are many alternatives that provide the same functionality at a lower cost and incorporate cloud synchronization.

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Hierarchical breakdown of informationA few steps are needed to mark a label for each customized branch
Visually pleasing diagramsBranch customization, such as line width and style, could be improved
Fast and responsive UI.Customization, such as a different shape of nodes, would be good.Read full review


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Xmind reviews

I’ve enjoyed XMind for quite some time. Developers are very committed to smooth experience. This is apparent in bugs, assuming they exist, being made transparent. One suggestion from my side, depending on the roadmap, that will help to keep competitive. Moving away from rigid top down structures (not how we think), apps are trying to find UXs that represent many-to-many bottom-up lookups on the back end. Some do this miserably with “tag only” systems that delude into piles of information. Others are trying to put the user closer to the database with wikis and record linking features. There is somewhere in the middle, and I think Workflowy just got close. They’ve implemented what are called “mirrors”, where an instance of information in one bullet can be copied to another bullet half way across the list. The interesting thing is, they’re linked, meaning a change happens in one place reflects in another. Anyone working with DBMSs knows this is pretty simple on the backend. However, this paradigm shift from folder systems isn’t so simple to the consumer. Mirroring is an analogy that makes sense, is simple, yet very powerful. Unfortunately for Workflowy, despite mastering the list UX, don’t have the mind map. I’d encourage XMind to find an analogy that makes sense to the consumer to “reflect” the same information’s updates in two different places on a mind map.

- Unsure about UnSync

I suggested a simple solution several times and they always replied that they would considerate and add in a future upgrade. However nothing has been done in over 9 months and they are forcing me away from XMind to competitive mind mapping which all them seem to have numbers 0 to 9, so when you want a to number branches of past 7, you can. With 0 to 9 you can add Infinite numbers. XMind stopped at 7 and only have 1-7 why? It is the easy programming fix add 0,8,9 only 3 additional markers so we, the end users can number priority's beyond 7 I send screen shots from a competitive mind map that I seem to Gravitate to because of the numbering. Unless this is fixed I will be forced to cancel my subscription and stay with competing mindmapping and nowadays there ar plenty good ones. Just type in mind-mapping in the apple store. Unhappy disappointed customer Why can’t you start with a blank mind map with just a central Topic as a starting point? You have to pick from template then delete or fill in. It’s odd that’s support does not respond or address any of these reviews with comments or reply

- EarlyFreak

XMind arguably made mind mapping what it is today. They were mind mapping before mind mapping was cool and that's not a joke it's the truth. An educator put me onto it a few years back because he did all his lesson breakdowns in XMind and I fell in love with it. Iook at it now and see how far XMind and mapping in general has come it's so underrated. Gotta say though there is much room for potential improvement. I wish they'd offer more icons more creative themes. But all in all they're the still the best mind mapping software there is. Don't waste your time with the others they're just disappointing compared to XMind

- oktechgiant

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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