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for anyone seeking a genuinely smooth experience with international texting.

The first totally seamless worldwide communications and personal safety app for smartphone users is called ZOLEO. Only ZOLEO can connect to your phone or tablet and offer you seamless international messaging that follows you as you enter and exit cell coverage, as well as additional safety features you can rely on anywhere in the world. Share your unique ZOLEO SMS number and email address with your contacts to retrieve your messages across cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks and never miss a message again.

All the fantastic international communications and safety capabilities that the ZOLEO satellite communicator provides are only accessible through the ZOLEO app. To experience message coverage everywhere, simply connect to your ZOLEO satellite communicator using the ZOLEO app. The ZOLEO app also grants access to extra services like check-in, location sharing, progressive SOS notifications, and hyper-local weather predictions. It also has a dedicated phone number and email address so that important people may easily get in touch with you. ZOLEO enables two-way messaging that switches between cellular and satellite networks without any interruptions.


* GLOBAL MESSAGING: Send and receive messages (SMS/text, email, and app-to-app) from anywhere on the planet.

* OFFER SEAMLESS GLOBAL COVERAGE: Automatic transmission of messages through the most affordable network using seamless messaging over satellite, cellphone, and Wi-Fi.

* GET WEATHER FORECASTS: For enhanced travel safety and decision-making, get hyper-local weather forecasts on demand.

* SOS ALERTING: Send out an SOS alarm, and you can relax knowing that our 24/7 emergency response coordinating partner will send out assistance. Users of ZOLEO also benefit from progressive SOS, which allows them to communicate with the response agent throughout the event and receive step-by-step status updates via the app.

* CHECK-IN: With a single press, let them know you’re alright. If desired, you can also include your GPS coordinates in your check-in message.

* LOCATION SHARE+: You can choose to share your location with up to five check-in contacts every six minutes or every four hours, depending on the period you choose. The free ZOLEO software allows both ZOLEO users and check-in receivers to view their current location and complete breadcrumb trail on a map.


* KEEP IN TOUCH: The simplicity of sending messages through the app at any time and knowing that they will be delivered regardless of your location or cellular connectivity

* IMPROVE PEACE OF MIND: Receiving your check-in messages, letting others know you’re alright, and being aware that you can call for assistance in an emergency.

* EXCHANGE LONG MESSAGES: The ability to send messages between apps that are 950 characters or longer.

Experience seamless connectivity and peace of mind wherever life takes you with ZOLEO.

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Coverage everywhere via satellite, cellular or Wi-FiMessage notifications often don't show on the android notifications
With 24/7 emergency response coordination partnerCant manage contacts in the app
Share GPS coordinatesShort battery life

ZOLEO reviews

Great app and product. App has a few minor bugs but overall is pretty stable. One thing I am struggling with is notifications coming through when people send me messages. Message notifications often don't show on the android notifications bar but appear in the app after opening. This requires opening the app often and has led to a few missed/late messages. Running s20fe android 12.

- Chris Miller

App will not load on Galaxy S10. Get to phone # verification screen then it crashes. Tried everything, including 1+hr with tech support, who was great, but couldn't fix it. Works on my old iPhone, so I carried that + S10 on a solo backpack trip recently. Found out mid trip that the iPhone no longer holds a charge. So I had extra weight, 2 phones, and still no way to message from the field. Check-in worked from device, but Zoleo's big selling point is msg ability. Zoleo needs to fix this!

- Pat Ortmeyer

In general it works great. I can send texts to my wife when in nature. She can also see where I am, and I can send SOS in case something goes wrong (not used fortunately). Recently it turned off for no reason. It had enough charge and turning on and off is hard because it is a small button and you have to press for a few seconds, so it is weird that it was suddenly turned off, and dangerous when you suddenly need it in case of emergency. They want user's feedback. I said I want to download my tracks so I can check it out on Google Maps. This is easy to program for them. They were very unresponsive to this idea. I could do this with my SPOT communicator 10 years ago already.

- Vincent van Rooijen

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