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Looking for some engaging kids' books? Read-aloud books have many benefits for young children, so read on to see how they may help your child.

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Kids books read aloud

Reading can enrich our lives and expand our worldview, so it’s no wonder parents want to introduce their children to the activity in early childhood. Many people start by reading storybooks and fairy tales to children before bedtime or incorporating short stories and picture books into their child’s learning routines.

Reading aloud to children promotes curiosity and the development of early literacy skills, but some parents are unsure which titles their little ones will enjoy. We’ll discuss some of the most notable benefits of reading aloud to children and review several engaging kids stories young readers may love.

Why is reading aloud so important to kids?

Most people associate bedtime storytimes with fond memories. For some, it was the first time they heard their favorite tale, which inspired their life-long love for reading. For others, it strengthened the bonds with their loved ones and promoted quality time spent with family members and a good book.

However, reading and reading aloud are more than just pleasurable activities that pass the time. Reading aloud, in particular, has numerous benefits for young children, including:

Developing a stronger vocabulary

Children typically learn language through listening until they become preschoolers and receive a formal education. For this reason, it’s important to present words in different contexts and allow children to understand all their meanings.

When they listen to a child’s fairy tale book or even a true story, children pick up new vocabulary quickly and will try to use new words in their own speech. So, parents should bolster their child’s vocabulary and choose titles with educational and engaging content.

Connecting spoken and written language

Reading aloud to young children allows them to understand how spoken language relates to printed text. They connect speech and symbols, which is why young readers sometimes know all the letters of the alphabet before elementary school. To improve phoneme identification, introduce the youngsters to short stories and poems with rhyming and create a playful reading environment.

Making books more approachable and enjoyable

Filling up your child’s bookshelf with kids’ stories will inspire a lifelong love of reading. Moreover, it will help them thrive in their personal, academic, and professional life. If they’re used to bedtime stories, this will turn into reading for fun after classes and approaching school reading with a positive outlook.

Improving a child’s attention span

Young children, especially pre-readers, sometimes struggle with concentration. However, children’s literature can improve their attention span by engaging their imagination. Parents can even implement learning strategies into their read-aloud routine and ask children to think about the information and make predictions. After completing a book, ask them to describe their favorite parts of the story.

Strengthening cognition

Well-written books expose youngsters to new language structures that challenge their cognitive abilities. They’ll have to apply their critical thinking and cognitive skills to acquire more sophisticated structures and truly understand the story.

Providing a child with a safe space to process their emotions

Reading aloud to children provides them with a space where they can explore complex emotions and empathize with others. Whether they’re listening to a funny book, fairy tale, or chapter book, they’ll think about what the characters are going through and how they feel.

Great books to read to your kids

If your child enjoys bedtime stories, you may want to introduce them to more interactive and engaging children’s books. However, some parents are unsure which are the best read-aloud titles. We’ll share some of our favorite read-aloud books for young children that your aspiring reader might enjoy.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This bestselling picture book was published in 1989. It features stunning illustrations that have captivated young readers for years. It’s a great read-aloud option with a lot of educational value and an excellent way to introduce youngsters to letters and spelling. The rhyming story follows all the letters of the alphabet as they get into a mishap and try to help each other. The bouncy rhymes move the story forward and we’re sure your child will be eager to finish the book in one sitting and won’t be able to wait to learn how to read along.

Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak’s children’s book follows a young boy longing for adventure. Dissatisfied with his life, he runs away to a remote island inhabited by strange creatures and becomes their king. Sendak’s illustrations bring to life the strangeness of the island and after studying them, your child may get an idea for an original Halloween costume.

At its core, “Where the Wild Things Are” is a story about children mastering their emotions, from boredom and frustration to jealousy and fear. Although the book deals with a complex topic, it uses simple language and children often pick it up on their own to reread it.

The Pete the Cat series

This series consists of 16 books chronicling the adventures of Pete, an unflappable black cat. You’d expect Pete to become angry, sad, or upset whenever something unexpected happens, but that’s not the case. This cat takes everything in stride and his attitude is a good reminder that there’s a solution to every problem.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Shel Silverstein has penned many classic tales for children and this title is one of his most beloved works. It’s a collection of poems that celebrate imagination and childhood while criticizing the bleakness of the adult world. In one poem, a little girl tries to get out of school and in another, three best friends travel in a flying shoe. In “Melinda Mae,” a young girl spends 89 years eating a whale.

Silverstein’s words are funny and poignant and will resonate with young readers long after they’ve become adults. It may even become your child’s favorite book.


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What are some of the difficulties of reading aloud to a child?

Children may struggle to concentrate on the story, so it’s important to read books that cater to their interests. 

How can you encourage your kids to read more?

Start by reading aloud to your child and explore titles with different topics. When children view reading as part of their daily routine, the activity will become one of their favorite hobbies in later life. 

What makes a good read for a child?

Every child is different, but most enjoy funny stories with interesting characters and illustrations. 

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