Text to speech Google Docs extension

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With an appropriate text to speech tool, you’ll be able to listen to Google Docs in just a few clicks. Here’s all you need to know.

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Text to speech Google Docs extension

Just like Google Slides or Gmail, Google Docs is a free tool. With it, you can create and edit documents. You can use it both on your computer and Android mobile device through a dedicated application. Either way, it’s a go-to for many people who work with text documents as it’s just as capable of doing the job as is, for example, Microsoft Word.

But what about people with learning disabilities? Can they enjoy Google Docs like the rest? Well, sure. With a proper text to speech extension, listening to text in Google Docs is possible, and more and more people are using this accessibility setting. So, allow us to introduce you to this extension in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of having text to speech as a Google Docs extension

Before we go any further, we need to talk about the text to speech function in general. Namely, why would anyone use it at all? Aren’t text files meant for reading? Well, yes, they are. However, reading requires certain skills that some people don’t have due to medical conditions and it also necessitates complete dedication.

When it comes to medical conditions, some people like dyslexics, those with ADHD, or impaired vision can’t read fast enough or properly comprehend the written material. As such, they need assistive technology, and text to speech is just that. It allows for simultaneous listening and reading, scientifically proven to improve material comprehension.

On the flip side, people without dyslexia use a text to speech extension for Google Docs. With it, you can play your documents and listen to them while doing other things like house chores or work-related obligations. Moreover, students use it for e-learning and language studying.

Productivity tips for using TTS in Google Docs

There are many use cases of text to speech software. The same goes for its Google Docs extension. So, let’s list some of them, shall we?


Many podcast hosts use Google Docs to write their scripts or at least some parts of their show’s episodes. As such, a text to speech extension allows them to create an audio file out of it for jingles or full episodes. This is a great option for those who don’t feel confident about their voice but have something to share with the rest of the world.


As mentioned, text to speech is a great way to improve your studying. Many students use it to ace their tests and get better grades. The reason is that material comprehension is improved significantly through listening than reading. Luckily, all notes and study guides you have on Google Docs can be turned into e-learning audio.

Voice-over for video content

Regardless of whether you’re creating a short, funny video for YouTube or something more serious, you can always count on TTS apps. You create a script through Google Docs and run the content through the extension to get a voice-over for the video. All that with an option to choose various male and female voices in different languages and accents.

Speechify’s text to speech Google Docs extension

In a sea of text to speech extensions that work with Google Docs, Speechify sets itself apart from the rest. This is due to its versatility and functionality. Namely, Speechify can be added as a plug-in for Google Chrome and voice selected text in the web browser—meaning Google Docs files too.

When it comes to narration, Speechify includes more than 30 realistic-sounding AI voices and works in well over 15 different languages. It also utilizes optical character recognition, meaning that you can snap photos of text, and the app will recognize it. Furthermore, you can listen to your Google Docs file at various speeds, with the maximum being 900 wpm.

Besides being available as a plug-in for Google Chrome, you can also use it on other devices and platforms. For example, iOS and Android phones, Apple’s Mac computers, and Safari web browser. Nevertheless, let’s focus on how you can add Speechify to your Chrome browser to listen to Google Docs documents.

Speechify’s installation steps

Using Speechify on Google Chrome is pretty simple. All you need to do is add it like any other extension through the Chrome Web Store. Go to the store, type Speechify, and press “Add.” That’s it. You can use Speechify for free this way. But if you want advanced text to speech features, you can become a premium member for a reasonable pricing.

But how does Speechify work once you add it as an extension? Easy. Navigate to the webpage you want to listen to—Google Docs in this case—select the text with your cursors and right-click on it, and select the Play button that will appear in the floating toolbar. The same goes for choosing the narrator. No permissions required. Try Speechify for free today.


Can Google Docs do text to speech?

As a standalone app, it can’t. However, you can listen to any document by adding Speechify as a Chrome extension, through which you use the Google Docs app.

How do I get text to speech to work on Google Docs?

Firstly, go to the Chrome Web Store and type in “Speechify.” Once you do that, press “Add” and wait for the extension to install. Once it does, a floating widget will appear, on which you can press the “Play” button for the added app to read aloud.

Is there a Google extension that reads text?

Yes, Google has a text to speech tool, which you can get through their Cloud service. It offers more than 220 voices and works in over 40 languages. Then again, if you don’t enjoy it, you can opt for third-party apps like Speechify, Amazon’s Polly, NaturalReader, or ChromeVox.

What can I use Google Docs for?

Google Docs allows for creating and editing documents. It’s like Microsoft Word, only it’s online and free.

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