Best Google Chrome extensions for high school students

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Check out the best Google Chrome extensions for high school students you should try to boost your productivity.

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High school students face a lot of challenges during their studies. Assignments, homework, and projects can quickly pile up and overwhelm them. Luckily, with the development of edtech, many tools can now facilitate the learning process.

This article shares the best Chrome extensions a high school student can use to boost productivity and get more things done faster.

The Chrome extensions you need

Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Chromebook user, you can download Chrome extensions to streamline your learning experience.

Here’s a list of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store that you never knew you needed as a student.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a must-have Chrome extension for any high school student. This extension lets you create, edit, and share documents with classmates and teachers. You can share your Doc in a Google Meet video or any other virtual classroom.

The great thing about this extension is that you can work on documents together with your peers. Anyone who has permission can make changes to the file, leave a comment, and access the content anywhere, anytime.

No additional software is required to access Docs except for the Google Chrome browser. This tool is free, so you can use it long-term without it costing you a dime. Google Docs also works offline and automatically syncs your progress when you return online.


Grammarly is an indispensable proofreading tool for any high school student and English learner. We all make mistakes when typing, and some of them often go unnoticed. But Grammarly has a sophisticated system that finds grammar, clarity, spelling, and style errors and offers suggestions.

A grammar checker like this saves students hours on proofreading. The tool is easy to install and comes with free and premium versions. The free version has just enough features to make any assignment look better, so it’s well worth a try.

Combine this tool with the Google Dictionary extension for your toolbar and become a better writer almost immediately.


Annotate is among the most popular extensions for classroom engagement used by students and teachers. Create presentations, do assessments, and use the annotation tools for all types of classrooms (BYOD, traditional, and 1:1).

The Annotate extension comes with all the necessary tools for teaching and making presentations. This tool simplifies classroom workflow and imports different file formats (PDFs, PPTx, Google Slides, Word, and others).

Pop-Up Blocker

Web distractions are everywhere. From ads and YouTube videos to social media notifications, it’s becoming harder to stay focused on one task. New tab blockers are tools or apps that block pop-up windows, in-site notifications, cookie messages, social media ads, and other undesirable content.

Thanks to this Pop-Up Blocker plugin for browser windows, learners can enjoy a distraction-free study and browsing experience. You can choose the web pages on which to use this tool or have it running all the time while you’re online.

An alternate extension with similar features is StayFocusd.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a significant time-saver for students and teachers. This plugin lets users organize the classroom and their study material in Google Drive, turn in the assignments, and talk directly to their peers or teachers.

The Google Classroom extension integrates with other Google services like Docs, Drive, and Gmail. This way, teachers can collect your assignments, provide real-time feedback (both individually and in groups) and track the work completion status.


Kami is a great learning platform that empowers both students and teachers. This plugin makes annotating, assessing, and collaborating easy by offering more than 40 features and tools.

With Kami, students can collaborate with teachers through annotations, audio and video recordings, drawings, and more. In this way, teachers can spend less time on admin tasks and collaborate with you and other students.


Mote is a robust, fast, and friendly voice messaging tool. It allows learners to add audio content and voice comments to assignments, emails, documents, or even submit quiz answers. The tool integrates with Google Keep, Sheets, Gmail, Forms, and Classroom.

You can also use this tool from your Chrome extension. Just download it from the Chrome Web Store and double-click on the icon in the browser to access the recorder.


Screencastify is an easy tool to capture, share, and edit videos. This video-creation tool allows you to include your open browser tabs, webcam, and desktop to showcase your ideas and presentations.

The extension can save the files locally on your disk, upload them on YouTube, or share them to Google Drive. You also get a shareable link to the video you can forward to teachers or anyone you want.


Speechify is a text to speech extension that can read any PDF, web page, Google Doc, or article out loud. It supports more than 30 languages and 130 natural-sounding voices. With Speechify, you can read articles faster and get more assignments done in a shorter time.

This powerful tool also supports note-taking features, saves content across your devices, and is super easy to use.

Try Speechify for free

Speechify has a free and premium version. Both offer many cool features. If you’d like to learn more or try the extension for free, you can do so today by visiting the official website.


What are some cool Chrome extensions?

InsertLearning, Noisli, Cite This For Me, Session Buddy Bookmark Manager, Google Templates, and Evernote are some additional extensions that facilitate learning. 

What is the best browser for students?

Google Chrome is the best browser for students because it has thousands of free extensions that help learners be more productive. Whether you want to make a to-do list, take screenshots, find antonyms, or use Chrome shortcuts, there is a tool to help you with it all.

Is Dualless extension free?

Yes, Dualless lets you split or merge your browser windows for free. This extension is great for learners who don’t own dual monitors but wish to organize their content better.

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