Text to speech in cars while driving

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Speech Synthesis on October 02, 2022
The more you can do, the more distractions you have. Fortunately, this is where text to speech technology can help.

    Text to speech in cars while driving

    Many people still like muscle cars, vintage vehicles, and the simplicity of older automobiles. However, modern cars offer many advantages besides better mileage. Today’s cars use GPS technology to find the best route from point A to B.

    They have built-in computers that can diagnose issues in real-time, place phone calls, watch YouTube videos, etc. Some vehicles even let you play video games, although that feature should only be utilized when the car is stationary.

    Many drivers sync their cell phones and tablets to their onboard computers and use them while driving to talk, text, catch up on emails, and perform various other tasks. But there’s a big downside involved. The more you can do, the more distractions you have. Fortunately, this is where text to speech technology can help.

    What is text to speech?

    Text to speech software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to convert written text into spoken words through speech synthesis. It can process digital text in various formats (documents, web pages, spreadsheets, images, etc.) and use many custom voices to narrate it.

    Depending on the TTS reader, users can select the playback speed, use different voices, listen in real-time, or download recordings for offline use on various platforms, devices, and operating systems.

    How can text to speech help you when driving?

    Text to speech readers have multiple applications in education as literacy support tools. But good TTS readers can do more than help people read faster and correctly. One of its most interesting uses is in the automotive industry. Here’s how text to speech can assist you while you’re driving:

    Read texts aloud, so you don’t get distracted

    Enabling support in cars for mobile phones and tablets is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it offers a level of accessibility previously unavailable, but it causes plenty of distractions.

    Drivers often take a hand off the steering wheel to use their mobile device or onboard computer. They may also take their eyes off the road, which is even more dangerous.

    But suppose you received an urgent text while driving and didn’t have to fiddle with your phone to read it? That’s one of the most significant advantages of having a text to speech reader mobile app. It can read anything on your screen aloud.

    Dictates directions while driving

    GPS technology has come a long way, but your navigational assistant can still get you lost or create unnecessarily long routes. If you want to follow specific directions from someone, you would have to look at your phone.

    Text to speech readers can dictate the directions from text messages and you can listen to them using your hands-free Bluetooth earpiece or the in-car speakers. Many TTS readers also feature speech recognition software and support voice commands, like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants. All of which makes it easy to set the playback speed, replay messages containing directions, etc.

    Listen to news articles while driving

    Were you wanting to get caught up on the news minutes before jumping behind the steering wheel and hitting the road? There’s no reason why you can’t while driving.

    TTS readers do an excellent job of reading articles aloud and when set at a comfortable playback speed. Listening to your news can be less distracting than blasting your favorite radio station through the speakers.

    Your ride can be more enjoyable and much safer.

    Record messages

    You can even use some TTS software to dictate and record voice messages using the reverse of text to speech, called voice to text.

    The advantage of doing so with a TTS reader is the superior voice recognition technology. As good as some virtual assistants are, we all know the problems Siri, Alexa, and the rest have at understanding speech.

    Is text to speech available for cars?

    Some automakers have created text to speech software packages to protect drivers’ reaction times and minimize distractions.

    For example, the Acapela Group develops natural-sounding voices for infotainment systems and has its own virtual vehicle assistant.

    CarPlay is an iOS-specific virtual copilot that pairs your iPhone with your car to turn it into an intelligent vehicle. It enables you to control your iPhone and car computer through Siri so you can stay apprised of email messages, notifications, directions, etc.

    Even though you can connect your phone to most modern cars, you don’t need to buy the latest BMW model with a built-in virtual copilot to benefit from this user experience. Text to speech isn’t new technology, despite late adoption by automakers.

    Car manufacturers still have a long way to go before delivering the ultimate TTS performance. Therefore, you may use already proven TTS readers like NaturalReader and Speechify in your infotainment system.

    Speechify – The TTS app that reduces driver distraction

    Speechify is the result of one man’s dream to make reading easier for people with dyslexia. But it didn’t take long for its text to speech technology and OCR implementation to offer value in many other applications.

    You can use Speechify on Windows, Mac, Apple’s iOS, and Android. Unfortunately, auto manufacturers rarely offer TTS software compatible with multiple operating systems and devices. Hence, Speechify is the type of app you can use in any car.

    With Speechify, you can read incoming texts in real-time, upload articles and read them aloud while driving, load directions to get better mileage and avoid distractions, convert text into speech from photos, and so much more.


    Do modern cars use voice recognition software?

    Some modern vehicles come with voice recognition software built into the infotainment system that allows them to place calls, change the GPS destination, and perform other simple tasks.

    Why are people driving and texting?

    People text while driving because many of us use our smartphones for everything from leisure to work activities. Others text while driving because they don’t have a better alternative, like the Speechify TTS reader, which can read digital text aloud without any manual input.

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