Top Learning differences Reviews for Speechify

Speechify is one of the top rated text to speech apps on the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad. See what our users think of us. Speechify helps those with dyslexia, ADHD, & those with vision issues to helping millions with productivity. Speechify is also a better way to listen to audiobooks.



So great I cannot explain how much this has helped understand what I’m reading because I’m more of an audio learner!!!


Good stuff reads fast I learn better by hearing so this is great for me


My kind of learning I really enjoy this app as I struggle with reading this makes me feel confident in the things that asr being presented to me to read and study .


Get school done This app is amazing. I have been overwhelmed with all of the reading I have to do for my Master’s program. This app is helping me get it done. If you are in school. You need this. Life will be much easier for audio/visual learners.


Must get! Absolutely excellent. I am audio learner and have a hard time focusing but when I read along with an audio book I have a much easier time staying focused and comprehending. Huge time saver!