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Sir Richard Branson

Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

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Thank you.

Thank you. I am not alone out there in the world, and I can now soak up the books I have wanted to read all my life.

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I love it!

I’ve always loved audio books because they make doing tedious work go by faster, but I couldn’t always afford them and some of the books I wanted didn’t have an audio version. With this app I’ve been able to import books and listen to them for free! The HD voice feature is really mind blowing in how real the voice sounds. The rewards system allows people to experience the HD voices without having to pay which is really cool! The rewards system also motivates me to listen at higher speeds. Now I can keep a constant speed of 390 words per minute, which allows me to get through a 50000 word PDF in only a few hours! I wish I had this app in school so I could get through my summer reading quicker! The people who worked on this app must’ve worked so hard to create the HD voice, so it’s amazing that the put a way to earn them for free. The library format is amazing and very organized. Importing PDFs is very easy and fast, and I LOVE the copy/paste feature. I wish I could go on and on with how amazing this app is!!!

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Miraculous App

I have always loved books. I have even bought so many that room is 15% filled with books. And I do use them but whenever it came to reading it was exhausting. This app has really helped increase my love for books. And I look to reading all sort of books with curiosity. The only thing that needs to be fixed about this app is is it’s ability to read with columns and graph. Any picture that disrupts the writting create a jumble audio listening. But that’s the only thing, thank you Cliff for creating a Miraculous app.

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hall lacks si USA

Amazing use this now!!!

I like Reading books but I don’t like to read at the same time this is so nice and very much correct. Totally recommend!

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Great app!

I love reading books but sometimes I have to do other things like clean or make food for myself, So far I have only used the part of the app of which you can take a picture. And it will read to you, which I think is GENIUS. That is why I think this is a great app so far!

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