Top Student Reviews for Speechify

Speechify is one of the top rated text to speech apps on the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad. See what our users think of us. Speechify helps those with dyslexia, ADHD, & those with vision issues to helping millions with productivity. Speechify is also a better way to listen to audiobooks.



Amazing App The story behind this app is truly inspiring. As an ESL student I struggled to finish my reading assignments and this app is very helpful. Thanks Cliff for making this great and useful app.

Fnite user name. Suncop

Awesome job Speechify I was dreading reading this long story but Speechify got it done now I can go ahead and take my college quiz.

Ok but but not grate

College student As a collage student this app has helped me so much with my learning. I understand a lot more when being read to. I am now able to read more efficiently and effectively without constantly having to ask for my parents help. Thank you speechify!


Great App it good getting my studying done faster


Life-saver! Speechify has already been helping me read through academic papers but truly came to my rescue when I needed to read several books that are not available in audio. My brain struggles to read words so much that I would have avoided reading these books that are integral to my research. But now all these amazing ideas are accessible to me. Thank you for opening up a whole world for me!