Top Professional Reviews for Speechify

Speechify is one of the top rated text to speech apps on the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad. See what our users think of us. Speechify helps those with dyslexia, ADHD, & those with vision issues to helping millions with productivity. Speechify is also a better way to listen to audiobooks.



Helps with reading especially in large documents For my job I have to read several documents all day. Speechify really helps me keep focused on all the documents since once you get through a few pages distraction can sit in. This helps me keep focused on what the document is about and absorb it better. I also found it to be very helpful when exercising as trying to read the words on the screen can be very hard when on a treadmill.


Excellent voices I used this Program to review the draft manuscript for a novel. He did an exceptional job of rendering voices conversation and words. I was very impressed.

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Illiterate until the 10th grade I’m a 35-year-old male that was a literate until the 10th grade. although I never knew what was wrong with me and tell this day Im still challenge with reading and comprehending. I’ve been able to graduate high school get to Celsius years and become a fire fighter in Los Angeles for department. This tool will allow me to study in ways I never been able to to promote to a fire engineer or Captain one day I am so blessed to have found this app.


Very useful As a young professional that’s always on the go, this makes my academic pursuits more manageable. It’s really helped with time management!


Brilliant!! Especially for proofreading papers Sometimes it’s really annoying proofreading your own papers because your internal thoughts distort what might actually be on the paper. It’s so nice having my own words be read allowed back to me then reading my own.