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Best AI text to speech for Chrome, iOS, Android, Mac, & Edge.

Speechify is the #1 rated AI text to speech app in its category with over 250,000 5 star reviews.

Chrome extension

Turn text into natural sounding voice in Google Chrome


Listen to any text on iPhone, iPad, & Safari


Convert text to audio on Android with highest quality voices

Microsoft Edge Text to Speech Add on

Microsoft Edge Add-on

Turn text into natural sounding voice in Microsoft Edge.

Text to Speech Web App

Text to Speech Web App

Upload any PDF or doc and start listening. Connect your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Speechify AI Studio

Speechify AI Studio

Create AI Voice Overs, AI Voice Cloning, AI Dubbing, AI Avatars, and AI video.

Listening is a better way to read

Convert any text into audio

Get more with text to speech

Boost your understanding and focus. Remember more of what you read.

Maximize your time with Speechify TTS

Maximize your time

Breeze through your content 2-3x faster than it takes to read it.

Do more at once

Do more at once

Take your reading wherever you go – to the gym, the park, or the couch

I used to hate school because I’d spend hours just trying to read the assignments. Listening has been totally life changing. This app saved my education.

Ana, student with dyslexia

Speechify has made my editing so much faster and easier when I’m writing. I can hear an error and fix it right away. Now I can’t write without it.

Daniel, writer

Speechify makes reading so much easier. English is my second language and listening while I follow along in a book has seriously improved my skills.

Lou, avid reader

Enjoy your new reading superpowers

Not all text-to-speech apps are created equal

Listen at any speed

Our high-quality AI voices can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed, so you can learn even more in less time.

Listen on desktop or mobile devices

Anything you’ve saved to your Speechify library instantly syncs across devices so you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime.

Natural-sounding human voices

Our reading voices sound more fluid and human-like than any other AI reader so you can understand and remember more.

Listen to any page

Use the app to snap a pic of a page in any page and hear it read out loud to you.

Listen to anything

Listen and learn without limits. Breeze through any text, anywhere, anytime.









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Frequently asked questions

Text-to-speech goes by a few names. Some refer to it as TTS, read aloud, or even speech synthesis; for the more engineered name. Today, it simply means using artificial intelligence to read words aloud be; it from a PDF, email, docs, or any website. Instantly turn text into audio. Listen in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or more and choose your accent and character to personalize your experience. Learn more

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Beautifully. Speech synthesis works by installing an app like Speechify either on your device or as a browser extension. AI scans the words on the page and reads it out loud, without any lag. You can change the default voice to a custom voice, change accents, languages, and even increase or decrease the speaking rate.

AI has made significant progress in synthesizing voices. It can pick up on formatted text and change tone accordingly. Gone are the days where the voices sounded robotic. Speechify is revolutionizing that.

Once you install the TTS mobile app, you can easily convert text to speech from any website within your browser, read aloud your email, and more. If you install it as a browser extension, you can do just the same on your laptop. The web version is OS agnostic. Mac or Windows, no problem.

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Install a text-to-speech app like Speechify on any of your browsers or devices. After minor configurations, all you have to do is press “Play”. Text is instantly turned into natural-sounding speech. You can turn any text into an audiobook or a podcast.

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There are quite a few text-to-speech apps for iOSAndroidChrome and Safari. Speechify is the #1 rated app in the App Store and the subscription is very affordable and with one of the best customer experience. Speechify pays attention to all customer interactions. Impeccable functionality allows you to read web pages, PDFs, Google Docs and more with dozens of text-to-speech voices to choose from. See our pricing page for more info. Speechify customers describe the speech output as almost lifelike.

It must be noted that text-to-speech is not speech recognition. It only works one way: it converts text into audio. Neither does not create audio files.

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There are many use-cases for TTS, also known as voice generator. From personal to API or SDK for the enterprise. Speech tools are great for anyone with disabilities, help with e-learning, for professionals, productivity and high performance hackers and more.

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It is both. Text-to-speech is a technology. You simply install the app on your device or if you’d rather use it on your laptop, then install it as a browser extension on either Chrome or Safari and use it online. Adoption on Firefox and Microsoft browsers as far as the speech web application is yet low.

Most apps convert text to audio in real time and reads the text aloud well as some allow you to download the audio files in various file formats.

Try Speechify for free on AndroidiOSChrome, or Safari.

Yes. AI and machine learning continues to make significant strides. If your last experience with any text to speech is a year old, then things have change significantly since then. What’s even more impressive is that these advances span multiple languages apart from just English. Portuguese, Italian, and others can be converted real-time to a very human voice with native sounding accents

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There are limitless reasons and use cases for TTS. Children pick up so much from listening (ask any parent) and unlocking the number of (quality) words a child can listen to holds tremendous potential in their development. College students, teachers, professors, parents, professionals, productivity enthusiasts, and those that are challenged with reading can benefit greatly as well.

For children and e-learning
As children play, you could use TTS to read out their favorite book, or a school reading, or use it for more intentional times. With TTS, words are highlighted (think Karaoke) so your child could read and listen at the same time. This makes for greater retention as two senses are stimulated.

The web pages you allow your children to read come alive.

For parents
Parents can live an exhausting life sometimes. Work and personal life clash and there’s just no time. Text-to-speech enables parents to get more done, read those work emails, and even the ones from their child’s school much quicker as they multi task.

Parents can also turn their favorite book into an audiobook and have it read aloud on those long road trips. Great for parents homeschooling their children.

For college students & professionals
Working on your PhD? In law school? Simply scan your reading and have it read aloud up to 5x the speed. Get more productive, retain, and understand more in a shorter amount of time.

For professionals
Graduated law school? Passed the Bar? Writer, doctor, engineer, professor, or any profession that requires plenty of reading, TTS is a great tool to help simplify a productive life.

For the professionals who travel a lot, read any document, email, or book. Listen as fast as you can. Crush it.

The use-cases are limitless. Attorneys can read their case files much quicker. People in healthcare can listen much quicker and on the go. Teachers, editors, you name it. If your job requires you to read, text-to-speech can help.

For the hobbyists
Many people just want to unplug from a screen and listen to a great book. Text-to-speech is a fantastic way to turn any PDF, eBook, or a physical book, into an audiobook. You don’t have to rely on just audiobooks, have any text read aloud. Most subscriptions are relatively cheap on a per month basis.

For dyslexia and other disabilities
Text-to-speech is great for those who face reading challenges such as dyslexia. Speechify, in fact, was founded to solve a very specific problem. Read Cliff’s story about how he, as a dyslexic reads 100 books a year!

People with TBI, ADHD, dry eyes, or any other illness that makes reading difficult can benefit from converting text into speech on the fly.

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Yes! Text to speech can be used for businesses that want to offer a premium digital experience to their readers. Medium offers text-to-speech free to their millions of readers. Their readers are more engaged, and reading time isn’t relegated to eyes on a screen. Readers can now take it to go, turning every blog or article into a podcast.

Your readers can enjoy your content even if their mobile device is in their pocket, bag, or purse.

Deploying Speechify takes minutes. Automate your speech. The heavy lifting and backend processing is done on our servers.

Imagine your visitors engaging with your content while grocery shopping, driving, or exercising. They don’t have to be locked in to a screen. Interested in the Speechify API or SDK? Contact us.

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The best platform for listening to audiobooks depends on your preferences and needs. Popular platforms for audiobooks include Speechify, Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Scribd.

Yes. Download the Speechify app and start reading premium audiobooks, using your Speechify credits. Speechify Audiobooks is the best alternative to Audible.

Listening experience heavily depends on the app you use.

Speechify is the newest player in this market and brings modern features and offers the best listening experience. You can get a premium audiobook for just $1. So, try it out today!

There are audiobook apps that are now decades old and are clunky and were the only options.

Speechify however, is the newer app that offers the best experience and is rapidly becoming popular in the AppStore and GooglePlay. The listening experience and care for users makes this one of the fastest growing audiobook apps.

Voice cloning is the process where AI can “listen” to a person’s voice for just a few seconds and then be able to read and speak in that voice.

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