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The best Vampire Survivors powerups in order

Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Books in Order on April 19, 2023

    The best Vampire Survivors powerups in order

    Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with roguelike elements and minimalistic gameplay. In the world of the Vampire Survivors, the struggle for survival is never-ending. As a vampire, you must constantly evolve and adapt to the ever-present threats that surround you. Powerups are hidden all over the game, waiting to be found and used, to help you on your quest to stay alive. Each of these powerups is important to your success, from increasing your max health to making your projectiles stronger. But with power comes responsibility, as each powerup has its own cooldown period and affects your movement speed. So choose wisely and level up your skills to banish your foes and emerge victorious. Join us now as we explore the order in which Vampire Survivors’ powerups should be utilized, and learn how to master the art of survival in this treacherous world.

    The powerup system

    The powerup order is crucial to surviving the game. The initial cost of powerups is an essential factor to consider, and it’s necessary to weigh the benefits of each powerup before purchasing. The Legacy of the Moonspell is one of the best powerups, as it grants an increase in inflicted damage and incoming damage reduction.

    It’s also essential to consider level-up choices carefully, as they can greatly affect your gameplay. Leveling up your move speed or cooldown reduction can significantly increase your survivability, while opting for projectiles or augment upgrades can boost your offensive capabilities.

    When playing with a team, communication is key to planning the best way to get powerups. Buying passive items like the Lightning Ring or Omni can give a big boost to your team’s offensive and defensive abilities. In conclusion, mastering the powerup order in Vampire Survivors is crucial to surviving and progressing through the game. Careful consideration of powerups, level-up choices, and communication with your team will greatly increase your chances of success.

    An overview of Vampire Survivors

    Vampire Survivors is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this world, vampires roam the land and prey on humans. Players take on the role of a vampire who has survived and must fight to stay alive while moving through dangerous environments full of other vampires and obstacles. The game has a variety of weapons and powerups that players can pick up and use to get an advantage over their enemies. As the game goes on, players can raise their character’s level and max health. The game also has a number of missions and challenges that give players valuable items and experience points. Vampire Survivors is a thrilling and challenging game for horror and survival fans. It has intense gameplay, beautiful old-school graphics, and a story that pulls you in.

    Special features of the Vampire Survivors game

    The game features roguelike elements where players gather gold coins in each run to purchase upgrades and new weapons to help the next survivor. The initial cost of these upgrades is steep, but the payoff is well worth it. Players also have the option to level up their choices and unlock new characters.

    One unique aspect of the game is the powerup rank system, where players can increase the power of their weapons and unlock secret weapons that can turn the tide of battle. However, the game’s difficulty “curve” is more of a difficult magic rainbow road that can be confusing at times. While the game is brainlessly fun, some players may find the game’s difficulty to be lacking.

    Despite its flaws, Vampire Survivors is an incredibly fun and strange game, with a simple and fun gameplay loop that keeps players engaged. The game’s nostalgic comedy and strange weapons and upgrades are a delight, and every run is a chance to unlock something new and exciting. Overall, Vampire Survivors is a great game for those who enjoy minimalistic time survival games with roguelike elements.

    Optimal order of best powerups in Vampire Survivors

    The order of the best powerups in Vampire Survivors may depend on the player’s playstyle and strategy, but generally, the following powerups can be considered the most useful and effective:

    • Max health: Increasing your maximum health is essential to surviving the tough battles in Vampire Survivors. This power-up can be found throughout the game and increases your character’s overall health.
    • Move speed: With this powerup, you can increase your character’s movement speed, making it easier to evade enemies and dodge attacks.
    • Projectiles: This powerup enhances your attacks by increasing the damage of your projectiles, making it easier to take down enemies quickly.
    • Cooldown: This powerup reduces the cooldown period of your special abilities, allowing you to use them more frequently and effectively.
    • Level up: Leveling up your character’s skills increases your attack power, defense, and other vital stats, making you stronger overall.
    • Banish: This powerup enables you to banish enemies from the game, effectively removing them from the battlefield and giving you a significant advantage.
    • Reroll: This powerup allows you to reroll your powerup drops, giving you a chance to get a more beneficial power-up.

    The optimal order of powerups is critical for surviving and progressing through the game. The initial cost of powerups is essential to consider, as it can impact the availability of future powerups. As such, choosing powerups that provide the most benefit for the cost is vital.

    More information about powerups

    Max health upgrades and cooldown reductions are essential for surviving tougher enemies, while move speed upgrades are vital for dodging enemy attacks. Rerolls can be useful to get a better selection of powerups, while projectile upgrades and banishes can be critical for dealing with multiple enemies.

    New powerups, such as the Soul Eater or Queen Sigma, can be significant additions to your arsenal, while the Legacy of the Moonspell is one of the best powerups available, providing a boost in inflicted damage and incoming damage reduction.

    When playing with a team, communication is key to strategizing the optimal order of powerups. Passive items such as the Lightning Ring or Gorgeous Moon can significantly improve your team’s capabilities.

    In summary, while all of these powerups can be helpful in Vampire Survivors, focusing on max health, move speed, and projectiles can provide a solid foundation for success, followed by prioritizing cooldown, level up, banish, and reroll. Each powerup has its own unique benefits and can be used strategically to help players survive and succeed in this dangerous world of vampires.

    With all these in mind, let’s try to determine the optimal purchase order when we know that there are currently 19 different Powerups available, the majority of which have multiple tiers.

    Best and budget-friendly buy order of powerups

    This guide will take you through the powerup system and show you the best and budget-friendly buy order of powerups so that you can maximize all of your stats without having to calculate them yourself. Have a look at the Vampire Survivors powerup list and the main effects each of them has.

    1. Curse – increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10% per rank (max +50%).
    2. Magnet – items pickup range +25% per rank (max +50%).
    3. Greed – gain 10% more coins per rank (max +50%).
    4. Growth – gain 3% more experience per rank (max +15%).
    5. Might – raises inflicted damage by 5% per rank (max +25%).
    6. Max Health – augments max health by 10% per rank (max +30%).
    7. Revival – revives once with 50% health.
    8. Omni – increases might, projectile speed, duration, and area by 2% per rank (max +10%).
    9. Luck – the chance to get lucky goes up by 10% per rank (max +30%): Luck affects the likelihood of opening 3/5 items in a single chest, the chance of an item appearing in the fourth slot per level up, and increases the spawn rate of lanterns and gold rush laurels.
    10. Amount – fires one more projectile (all weapons): (this does not count for Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Gorgeous Moon, Phieraggi, Clock Lancet, and Laurel).
    11. Cooldown – uses weapons 2.5% faster per rank (max +5%).

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    Where is the Vampire Survivors game available?

    The game is on Xbox, iOS, Android, and Steam.

    Cliff Weitzman
    Cliff Weitzman

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