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How to read the In Death book series in order

Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Books in Order on April 18, 2023

    How to read the In Death book series in order

    The In Death series is a well-known crime fiction series by the American author Nora Roberts published under her pseudonym J. D. Robb. The series has some sci-fi elements, being set in the mid-21st century, in a futuristic New York City, where we meet police lieutenant Eve Dallas, an NYPSD (New York City Police and Security Department) agent investigating a number of crimes with the help of her billionaire husband Roarke, CEO of a tech company.

    There have been more than fifty novels, some novellas, and a number of short stories in the series since the first book came out in 1995. The series is a true blend of genres, incorporating elements of old-school noir stories featuring homicide detectives and romantic suspense with a science-fiction setting that lets the author explore some themes we tend to see in works of speculative fiction.

    About the series’ author

    Nora Roberts was born in 1950 and is one of the most prolific contemporary American authors. She writes in a variety of genres, including romance, suspense, and detective fiction.

    Roberts’ writing career, or what can be described as the initial impulse that would later drive her to pursue writing, began quite early on. As her parents were avid readers, books were a part of Roberts’ life from a very early age.

    She gave writing a shot in the late ’70s, being stuck at home with her two kids, not being able to go anywhere due to a blizzard. Her first manuscript was rejected, but only two years later, in 1981, her first novel, Irish Thoroughbred, came out. Driven by her first publication, Roberts wrote more than twenty other books in the following two years.

    Nora Roberts’ novels have been translated into dozens of languages and sold over half a billion copies. In addition, a number of her books have been adapted for television and the big screen, and she’s won several awards, including the RITA and Quill awards.

    Although mostly known for her fiction, Roberts is also a well-known philanthropist. Her Nora Roberts Foundation has raised millions to improve and promote literacy, arts, and humanities in general.

    Order of the series

    Most books in the In Death series can be read just fine as standalone novels, but it is highly recommended that you follow a chronological reading order and read the books as they came out. Otherwise, many of the interpersonal relationships in the novel will seem confusing or go over your head.

    Naked in Death

    Glory in Death

    Immortal in Death

    Rapture in Death

    Ceremony in Death

    Vengeance in Death

    Holiday in Death

    Midnight in Death

    Conspiracy in Death

    Loyalty in Death

    Witness in Death

    Judgment in Death

    Betrayal in Death

    Interlude in Death

    Seduction in Death

    Reunion in Death

    Purity in Death

    Portrait in Death

    Imitation in Death

    Big Jack

    Remember When

    Divided in Death

    Visions in Death

    Survivor in Death

    Origin in Death

    Memory in Death

    Haunted in Death

    Born in Death

    Innocent in Death

    Eternity in Death

    Creation in Death

    Strangers in Death

    Salvation in Death

    Ritual in Death

    Promises in Death

    Kindred in Death

    Missing in Death

    Fantasy in Death

    Indulgence in Death

    Possession in Death

    Treachery in Death

    New York to Dallas

    Chaos in Death (published in the collection The Unquiet)

    Celebrity in Death

    Delusion in Death

    Calculated in Death

    Thankless in Death

    Taken in Death

    Concealed in Death

    Festive in Death

    Obsession in Death

    Devoted in Death Wonderment in Death

    Brotherhood in Death

    Apprentice in Death

    Echoes in Death

    Secrets in Death

    Dark in Death

    Leverage in Death

    Connections in Death

    Vendetta in Death

    Golden in Death

    Shadows in Death

    Faithless in Death

    Forgotten in Death

    Abandoned in Death

    Desperation in Death

    Encore in Death

    Payback in Death

    Listen to the In Death Series

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    Cliff Weitzman
    Cliff Weitzman

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