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A Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook Summary

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas comes a seductive, breathtaking book that blends romance, adventure, and faerie lore into an unforgettable read.

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a terrifying creature arrives to demand retribution. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she
knows about only from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not truly a beast, but one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled her world.

At least, he’s not a beast all the time.

As she adapts to her new home, her feelings for the faerie, Tamlin, transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie she’s been told
about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But something is not right in the faerie lands. An ancient, wicked shadow is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it or doom Tamlin–and his world–forever.

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A Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook Narrator

Sarah J. Maas is the narrator of A Court of Thorns and Roses audiobook that was written by Sarah J. Maas

About the Author(s) of A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sarah J. Maas is the author of A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses Full Details

NarratorSarah J. Maas
Length16 hours 8 minutes
AuthorSarah J. Maas
PublisherRecorded Books, Inc.
Release dateMay 05, 2015


The publisher of the A Court of Thorns and Roses is Recorded Books, Inc.. includes the following subjects: The BISAC Subject Code is Fantasy, General, YOUNG ADULT FICTION

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The publisher of the A Court of Thorns and Roses is Recorded Books, Inc.. The imprint is Recorded Books, Inc.. It is supplied by Recorded Books, Inc.. The ISBN-13 is 9781490676623.

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This book is only available in the United States.

Goodreads Reviews


September 18, 2015



December 09, 2020

If you've ever wondered which literary world would be the best to live in, wonder no longer, cause there's a BookTube Video to answer that! The Written Review :----------Update - 12/6/19 Should I cross the insurmountable TBR? Or reread this series again?I think you know the answer----------Here's the original review: Feyre is hunting in the middle of the woods to keep her useless starving family alive (Hunger Games, anyone?). A chance encounter with a wolf - who wasn't entirely a wolf - leaves Feyre on the wrong end of an ancient treaty. She is forced to go to the fairy realm to live out the remaining years of her human life - no friends, no family and no freedom. “Has anyone ever taken care of you?” he asked quietly.“No.” I’d long since stopped feeling sorry for myself about it. At first, she cannot think of anything but escape. Slowly (but surely), she is swept into the fairy realm - in its magic & intrigue, in its danger & hopelessness, and in its wonder & glory. “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Dawn, Day, and Night,” it mused, as if I hadn’t even answered. “The seven Courts of Prythian, each ruled by a High Lord, all of them deadly in their own way. They are not merely powerful—they are Power.” Feyre lands in the Spring court - which is under a masquerade curse for nearly fifty years. The court is being attacked by all manner of terrible creatures and there is a blight upon the land . This blight will soon cross to the human realm - threatening everyone Feyre holds dear.The first half sucks but keep readingThere's no way around it. From page 1 to about 200, Feyre is annoying and obstinate. I nearly put this book down half a dozen times (it was like reading Red Queen). BUT, there was something about it that kept me interested. AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. Because wow. Seriously wow. Midway through the book, things turned around magnificently. It was like a whole new book. Sarah J Maas is a devious little thing. Suddenly, all the plot holes, nonsensical actions of her fairy captors (Tamlin and Lucien) and Feyre's complete idiocy flipped on their heads. Everything makes sense now. I literally could not put this down.Though, and maybe it's just me, but the Tamlin-Feyre arc felt a bit rushed/forced. Her constant love declarations really had me questioning their relationship. But then again, I had a friend who accidentally spilled the beans on that one. Without giving any spoilers, I sure hope book 2 does a complete character shift on you-know-who (NOT voldemort) because I am not pleased with the way the love interest was hinted at during the end of the book. (He's such a jerk!)Overall, I am amazed by how much effort Sarah J. Maas put into constructing this story. I'm this close || to rereading the book solely to better appreciate all those little clues that I must have passed over. So, if you pick this up and just aren't feeling it - keep reading - trust me. The Finer Books Club - 2018 Reading Challenge: A book recommended by a friendYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat @miranda_reads

Wendy Darling

March 31, 2015

4.5 stars Tamlin is going to set your loins aflame. Phew! My cheeks are still flushed. I'm also fairly confident this book is going to help change the face of new adult fiction. How awesome to see gifted writers shaping non-contemporary stories that have the coming of age/youthful perspective and vibe of YA books and combine that with the freedom that writing for an older target audience affords them. If you liked the mood and romance of (the excellent) CRUEL BEAUTY but perhaps mourned the missed opportunities of such a seductive premise, ACOTAR more than satisfies. (view spoiler)[ BITE MY NECK SOME MORE, SIR. (hide spoiler)]Plus stunning action and gorgeous imagery and interesting characters, including a fascinating anti-hero I'm looking forward to learning more about. Serious Darkling vibes, my friends. Maybe more of a review closer to release. If I can calm my racing pulse before then.


April 07, 2017

SPOILER FREE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psls2...*Reread April 2016Took me centuries to reread this but it was worth it!TEAM TAMLIN THIS WAS FABULOUSs j maas can do no wrong i swear to god

Jesse (JesseTheReader)

May 19, 2015

This was a solid start to this new series! I'm really interested to see where things go. I did find a few things to be a bit questionable, but I can't say what they are because HELLO SPOILERS. I'll be doing a full review/discussion on this sooooooon!


October 23, 2015

wow. Just wow. Sarah has done it again! This book was amazing! The romance was borderline new adult which I loved but it was also greatly paced. The plot was so well thought out and executed as well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES!


June 02, 2015

Really enjoyed this one! Here's my booktalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pLYC...

Bryce Rocks

March 10, 2022

rhys really just said: i could be a better boyfriend than him


May 12, 2015

OOOoOOOOOh sooooOOooooo gooooOOOOoooddd

chan ☆

January 25, 2020

i'm just gonna stick with my 2017 rating. i am a girl of simple, slutty tastes.


February 09, 2023

4.45/5 ⭐Full review on my Blog: The Dacian She-Wolf 🐺 This book’s mood song match – Fix You by Coldplay mum: *enters kitchen at 3 am* What the hell are you doing?me: *with a bowl of ice cream in one hand and ACOTAR in the other* I'm starting another SJM seriesmum: Hang on, I have a bottle of vodka here somewhere*And if this is not some relatable shit when facing Sarah J. Maas’s books then I don’t know what to tell you anymore. You puzzle me.So, there you go – another great universe erected by SJM just in front of our humble eyes. She is building her own fucking multiverse and we are here to witness the power of a goddess at work. I will make three sacrifices for that.This is, so far, for me, the best Beauty and the Beast reimagination.HER EXECUTION STYLE IS THE AIR TO MY LUNGS.And this one is not even the best of her works. “Magic – everything was magic, and it broke my heart.” Mainly, our action is happening at the Spring Court where our main character finds herself in front of a new intriguing life. Or at least as intriguing as a Court of flowery gardens can be.As I always say about SJM’s books, the characters are the ones who make the action. It’s like they are the very engine of a plot.I kind of like Feyre. She definitely has her own personal issues, mainly because she is broken and lonely and desperate to beat her status. She is human and miserable, mainly because her family is horrible. Her whole family was created to look like the typical fairytale family – an absent coward of a father, an uninterested mother, a sister full of wicked hatred and another one caught up in her own world, sensitive and naïve. Until her sisters do something worthy of my affection, I ain’t changing my mind about them.Lucien (the Emissary of the Spring Court), I must say, I liked from the very beginning, but he somehow managed to grow on me. There was something likeable about him at first and he only proved that to me more as the action went on.Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court, on the other hand, seemed a bit stiff the whole book, even though I sometimes appreciated the occasional softness of his heart.But full-on honesty now – the best thing about this book, the one thing that made it 110% better was Rhysand. He won for this book a full star from me with all of his domineering prick moves. He played the bad boy role so good that my traitorous heart enjoyed him whole. I might have a problem but oh, what a perfect problem he is. “His voice was a lover’s purr that sent shivers through me, caressing every muscle and bone and nerve.” Sexy.Rhysand and Feyre certainly have a sort of total chemistry that it seems Feyre doesn’t have with Tamlin; not even after they supposedly fell in love with each other. I don’t buy that love for more than a second and by the end when everything seemed to try to make me believe their relationship I was still not convinced.I recognise fabulous chemistry when I see one and that ain’t it. Rhysand, you’d better act up, love, I have expectations. You’re more than just a cruel, beautiful ruffian, I know it.There’s a certain cruelty in this book, so very Maas. I sometimes feel like I’m reading the words of a psychopath, but then I remind myself how much I enjoy this cruelty in these books and I temperate myself.That crazy wretch Amarantha is definitely the embodiment of cold murder and torture in this book and this is visible when it comes to how much her actions affect the other characters’ moods and movements. It’s terribly interesting though to see how terrified all of them can become when facing her.But by the end, there was this sliver of hope that lingered. And that broke the evil to pieces. “This wasn’t music to dance to – it was music to worship, music to feel in the gaps of my soul, to bring me to a place where there was no pain.” Even though I think this is not the best of SJM’s works, I still believe is so very good that just makes you want to know more. It leaves you craving. And in my humble opinion, that’s a bonus factor in books.All and all, my first step into the ACOTAR universe has been a success. More steps to come. Until I fall in love. Wholly and irrevocably.


April 06, 2017

This was so much better the second time around. I found I wasn't so concerned about rushing through to get to the next book; since I already knew what happens I was able to savor the details and carve out a tiny piece of my heart for Tam Tam (but not really because duh). On to the next one!3.5 STARS I am 100% embarrassed by how much I loved this book. Everything in the Humphrey household is going awry so it was wonderful being able to escape in Feyre's exciting problems and leave my own behind. There is nothing of substance to the book; it is fluffy, cheesy, and has been done multiple times over before, yet somehow I STILL was completely sucked in and couldn't put it down. I ate it up like candy and am looking forward to picking up ACOMAF. Holy cow I fell for Rhys so hard and WHY DO I ALWAYS LIKE THE ONE THAT THE GIRL NEVER PICKS?!?!?!?! I found myself utterly bored and despising the scenes with Feyre's father and sisters. I know they were necessary, but I almost put the book down as a DNF early on bc I could hardly get through those scenes. Not sure what else I can add that hasn't been said already a million times over, but this is a reheated "Beauty and the Beast" with side dishes of Cinderella and Twilight. (I'm still thinking about Thanksgiving food-sorry guys). I might hold off on the next book until a little closer to May so I'm not left hanging. My inner teenage fangirl is looking forward to gobbling up more delicious fluff.

Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰

June 23, 2019

“I wasn’t faerie, but I was a part of this earth, and the earth was a part of me, and I would be content to dance upon it for the rest of my life.” ~3.5 stars~ACOTAR was nothing short of a delightful enigma, there was so much in this novel that I adored and some things that I wish were better. It blew me all the way away and left me wanting more of its glorious world and even mightier characters. note: copyright of all fanart goes to their amazing artists_______________ The Land of The Fae So not only was this my first SJM book but it was also my first book solely based around Fae! (For the hardcore faerie fans out there, I'll send you the address of the rock I've been living under alongside an apology note.) BUT, in my defense I think this was probably the best book to start in order to both understand and learn to love the creatures. Beauty and the Beast has long been a Disney favourite of mine and the lush scenery as well as the lyrical writing in this novel made me swoon everytime I understood a faint reference and had me at the edge of my seat everytime it diverged from the classic tale. “Beauty didn’t mean anything in the forest.” To be completely honest, the latter 25% of the book was a solid 4 stars for me and the beginning was bordering a 3. This was really down to the fact that I wanted more to happen. The pacing felt jolting at times and often I felt the storyline had assets that seemed unnecessary to the higher plot. I disliked that almost everything was revealed during the last 15% of the book. The infodump was overwhelming and I wish it had been spaced out a tad more cleverly. Regardless, I loved the mysterious and wicked atmosphere paired with some fantastic characters and plot twists. Prythian is both dangerous and sultry, from its curses, royalty, and magical beasts. From trusted reviewers and friends, I've been advised that the second book deserves all the stars and more, so I'm definitely reading that next! The Characters The characters drove the story for me, at least more than the actual plot. For once in a YA/NA fantasy novel, (this is definitely New Adult but has been advertised as Young Adult which is a controversy in itself) I liked the main heroine! Feyre was like a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed her stubbornness and maturity, I like that she made mistakes but knew where and when she was in the wrong. I also loved that she was portrayed as strong and un-doormaty... Yes, she has her flaws but I'm not going to complain when we finally have a 19-year old hardworking main character that believes in her values and develops through the book. The side characters (Lucien, Rhysand and Alis) stole the show for me. My heart went out for them. I am definitely Team Rhysand but I'll get into that later ;) I felt like the dynamic between the courts and the tension from the "blight" was written really well. I followed with the backstory and the history of Prythian throughout the novel and I honestly fell for each character's story arc. Lucien has a heart of gold and Rhysand is a walking, talking stick of ego that somehow has something soft within him. Alis was my own Mrs. Potts, with her charm and blunt personality and I never felt like any of the chapters that they were in were filler chapters. Towards the end, I started getting giddy whenever Rhysand was in a chapter... (Tamlin is very irrelevant to me... but I've got a whole ass section for him coming) “Can faeries be friends with mortals?”“Five hundred years ago, enough faeries were friends with mortals that they went to war on their behalf.” One of the only parts that actually made me tear up slightly was a scene between Nesta (Feyre's sister) and Feyre during the second-half of the story. Nesta seems like she's going to have the biggest character development arc and I am here for it. Lil' cold-hearted ice queen is ready to be thawed out! The Romance I dislike Tamlin. There are so many reviews that I have read now and posts where people have mocked themselves for liking Tamlin in the beginning and I kinda feel left out. But no. From the minute Feyre was held captive in his manor, there was something about his character that I couldn't settle with. He was unnerving and uncomfortable in his scenes. Some of his dialogue between Feyre and him had me cringing at the lack of chemistry. So, I can't tell you how relieved I was when I felt sparks between Rhysand and Feyre. Throughout the novel, my experience with the romance was dull. It felt forced and alarming at times. Tamlin was also the only character I felt that had no true personality... I wanted to go with the whole "captor with a heart, knight in shining armor" vibe that the story was trying to go for but I just felt like this man was taking advantage of the entire situation. (view spoiler)[He does. (hide spoiler)] “It took me a long while to realize that Rhysand, whether he knew it or not, had effectively kept me from shattering completely.” Don't get me wrong, the situation with Rhysand and Feyre echoes shades of romanticized trickery as well, (I see this as a little bit of a dark romance that hopefully blooms in the next book) but I enjoyed that Feyre stuck to her own during her time Under The Mountain. I was actually quite sad when this book ended because it felt like I finished a journey in this new world. I'm so ready for ACOMAF, it's actually embarrassing at this point. ““Why are you here, then?”The man’s remarkable eyes seemed to glow—with enough of a deadly edge that I backed up a step. “Because all the monsters have been let out of their cages tonight, no matter what court they belong to. So I may roam wherever I wish until the dawn.”” Pre-review your girl is finally bracing her first SJM book... i was promised that my crops would be thriving, my skin would be clear, my vision would be 20/20 and my heart would be full. i expect nothing less. ©["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>


July 12, 2022

Feyre in Faerieland. In the Mortal Lands, young Feyre accidentally kills a Fae while hunting in the woods to feed her desperately starving family. By Treaty Laws Feyre’s fate is now forfeit and must surrender the remainder of her life to Prythian, the magical Kingdom of the Faeries, where not so long ago, humans were enslaved and killed purely for sport.Finally I can see what all the hype was about! Sadly I cannot say this was one of my personal favorites, but I do think much of the books praising is very well deserved. It takes its time for things to finally start happening, but after a certain point the plot becomes quite engaging and gripping. Superb worldbuilding and character development. For some reason I couldn’t deeply connect with Feyre and that made everything else somewhat lacking. That said, I must say I really enjoyed pretty much most of all of the other characters. Unlikable at first, but changed over time. I specially loved the unfolding relationship with Nesta, and highly enjoyed all the banter with Lucien and Alis; and even Rhys sometimes. The slow burn with Tamlin was amazing; and I must confess the enemy to lover trope always gets my motor running. Not to mention, enemies to friends with almost everyone else lol. I’m left with a plentiful amount of quotes and moments to remember by. Feyre is certainly one tough cookie, and hopefully I can grow to like her more during the rest of the series. Or less?By all accounts, a must read fantasy book. If only to see what all the fuss is about. And I can definitely see it becoming a movie or mini-series sometime soon.----------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE : [2015] [448p] [3.5] [Fantasy] [Almost Fav] [Recommendable] [Distrustful Feyre] [Mighty Tamlin] [Unpredictable Lucien] [Snappy Alis] [Stonehearted Nesta] [Chaotic Good Rhys] [TW: Excessive purring]["Take this knife Feyre. Please don’t bury it in my back."](view spoiler)[ [I thought the answer to the riddle was LUCK. Clearly I suck at riddles.] (hide spoiler)] -----------------------------------------------Feyre en Hadalandia. En las Tierras Mortales, la joven Feyre accidentalmente mata un Hada mientras cazaba en los bosques para alimentar a su desesperadamente hambrienta familia. Por las Leyes del Tratado, el destino de Feyre queda sellado y debe entregar el resto de su vida a Prythian, el mágico Reino de las Hadas, donde no hace mucho los humanos eran esclavizados y asesinados sólo por deporte.¡Finalmente puedo ver de qué se trataba todo el escándalo! Lamentablemente no puedo decir que ésta fue una de mis lecturas favoritas, pero sí creo que muchas de las alabanzas de este libro son muy bien merecidas. Se toma su tiempo para que las cosas finalmente empiecen a suceder, pero alcanzado cierto punto la trama se vuelve muy atractiva y atrapante. Magnífica construcción de mundo y desarrollo de personajes. Por alguna razón no pude conectar profundamente con Feyre y eso hizo que todo lo demás se volviera algo faltante. Dicho eso, debo decir que realmente disfruté mucho de casi todos los demás personajes. Desagradables al principio, pero que cambió con el tiempo. Especialmente amé como se desenvolvió la relación con Nesta, y altamente disfruté casi todas las interacciones con Lucien y Alis; y hasta Rhys a veces. El ardor lento con Tamlin fue espectacular; y debo confesar que el tropo enemigo a amante siempre hace arrancar mi motor. Sin mencionar, enemigos a amigos con casi todos los demás jaja. Me quedo con una abundante cantidad de citas y momentos para el recuerdo. Feyre es ciertamente una galletita dura, y con suerte tal vez pueda llegar a quererla más durante el resto de la serie. ¿O menos?A todas cuentas, una lectura debida de fantasía. Aunque sólo sea para averiguar de qué trata todo el alboroto. Y definitivamente puedo verla convirtiéndose en una película o serie en un futuro cercano.----------------------------------------------- NOTA PERSONAL : [2015] [448p] [3.5] [Fantasía] [Casi Fav] [Recomendable] [Desconfiada Feyre] [Poderoso Tamlin] [Impredecible Lucien] [Enérgica Alis] [Descorazonada Nesta] [Caótico Bueno Rhys] [TW: Excesivo ronroneo]["Tomá este cuchillo Feyre. Por favor no lo entierres en mi espalda.”](view spoiler)[ [Creía que la respuesta al acertijo era SUERTE. Claramente apesto para acertijos.] (hide spoiler)] -----------------------------------------------


June 01, 2015

This is definitely one of my favorite books of 2015! I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and was in the mood for fantasy, so those combined and written by one of my favorite authors was perfection! I definitely recommend this book to everyone and can't wait for the next installment.

Virginia Ronan

June 09, 2019

”You murdered my friend,” the beast snarled. “Murdered him, skinned his corpse, sold it at the market, and then said he deserved it, and yet you have the nerve to question my generosity?”When I first read “A Court of Thorns and Roses” I thought that this would be some sort of “The Beauty and the Beast” retelling and I guess in some way it truly is. Well, at least at first it seems to be one, the longer you read, the more it goes into an entirely different direction though.And I think it was exactly that kind of change of direction that actually got me hooked in the end. I mean I like “The Beauty and the Beast” stories but boy, did I live and breathe for this story that didn’t only feature faeries but also magic and cruel villains! So yes, when I first read ACOTAR I got lost in its universe and rushed through it, always eager to find out more and to continue with Feyre’s journey.It was only after I finished the last book, that I realized how fast I’d been paging through the entire series and by then it was already too late to savour it properly. Needless to say that I was sad it was over, also needless to say that I wanted to do a reread of it one day. *lol*So two years later I found myself sitting down with ACOTAR once again, and tell you what? It was even better this second time around! It was so damn good to read about my favourite characters and it almost felt like coming home! Plus the foreboding!!! Seriously, how did I even miss all those clues and hints when I read it for the very first time?! There were so many things that made a whole lot more sense than they did before and I was in awe at how well Sarah J. Maas wove all those details in her storyline. Also the ending! I’ll never get over that ending! NEVER! No matter how often I read this book that moment on the last page!? Wow, just wow! T_TThis said I enjoyed this reread immensely and I really can’t wait to continue with ACOMAF soon! It was my favourite book out of this series and I’m sure I’ll find even more interesting details when I read it again! XDWell, enough of my impending future reread! Let’s head to my character section instead! ;-)The characters: You are now entering Prythian and if you decide to continue your journey into the Spring Court you’ll be gifted with thousands and thousands of spoilers and thorns! Believe me and take my word for it. I mean faeries can’t lie and always tell the truth, right? ;-P Feyre:”Because I wouldn’t want to die alone,” I said, and my voice wobbled as I looked at Tamlin again, forcing myself to meet his stare. “Because I’d want someone to hold my hand until the end, and awhile after that. That’s something everyone deserves, human or faerie.”Wow, I totally forgot how much I liked Feyre at the beginning of this series. I loved that fierce girl that would do everything for her loved ones and even had the guts to kill a wolf she suspected to be a faerie! XD I mean she didn’t know for certain but it definitely didn’t stop her from shooting that fateful arrow! Still, considering how her family treated her I can’t help but think that she’s a saint! She tried to keep them alive and all they did was to sneer at her or to spend all the precious money she earned. No wonder that girl is so insecure and distrustful, no wonder she was afraid of Tamlin and Lucien. No matter how scared she was, she never let it get in her way though. Her fear didn’t paralyze her but drove her and I loved that about her character!


January 05, 2019

EL. MEJOR. LIBRO. DEL. AÑO. Querido Goodreads, ya va siendo hora de que tengas una opción de estrellas infinitas, ¿no lo crees? A Court of Thorns and Roses es un libro magnífico, aunque debo admitir que tenía mis dudas con él. Cuando me dijeron que era un retelling de la Bella y la Bestia pero con seres feéricos entré en pánico porque, en lo que a fantasía se refiere, estas criaturas no son mis favoritas. Sin embargo, conforme lo iba leyendo, veía que estos fae eran distintos al típico cliché que tenía metido en mi cabeza. Los fae de A Court of Thorns and Roses son inteligentes, seductores, manipuladores y, de cierta manera, reales.La historia de este libro nos sitúa en un mundo en el que los humanos y los fae viven separados por un gran Muro, producto de sus disputas cientos de años atrás. Feyre, nuestra protagonista, es una chica de 19 años que mantiene viva a su familia cazando en los bosques y consiguiendo dinero por sus presas. Cierto día, Feyre ve a un gran lobo e ignorando todas las leyendas sobre los Inmortales y el Tratado que prohíbe matarlos, lo caza. Claro que, en ese momento, ella ignoraba que ese lobo fuera uno de los seres protegidos. Con su botín y las pieles, Feyre vuelve a su casa para encontrar que, momentos después, una gran bestia irrumpe en ella y amenaza con acabar con toda su familia a menos que repare el daño que ha causado. La decisión es difícil: morir destrozada al instante o irse a vivir para siempre con la bestia a Prythian, la tierra de los Inmortales. Feyre toma su decisión y pronto se empezará a dar cuenta de que el mundo de los Inmortales no es tal y como se lo pintaban; los acecha una plaga que amenaza con acabar con toda la magia, hay muchísimas Cortes de Altos fae, intrigas políticas y maldiciones y sentimientos en el aire. Una vez empiecen a leer este libro no van a poder parar. Leer fantasía, sobre todo la que se va decantando hacia el género de high fantasy no es fácil... y menos cuando se trata de una serie. Por regla general, hay un montón de construcción del mundo que hacer, de hechos pasados que introducir y de personajes que situar en la historia; sin embargo, Sarah J. Maas hila todos estos elementos de manera que la historia y los hechos van fluyendo entre ellos sin que sientas que te estás comiendo capítulos y capítulos enteros de explicaciones ladrilludas. Al tiempo que Feyre, vamos descubriendo las verdades sobre los Inmortales, sobre Prythian, sobre las diferentes Cortes, sobre cómo lucen cada uno de los personajes y sus alrededores. Creo que este descubrimiento paulatino, este abrir el telón poco a poco, es lo que hace que no perdamos el interés en A Court of Thorns and Roses, pues a pesar de que nos sitúan en reinos desconocidos con leyes mágicas nunca antes vistas, no nos abruma la cantidad de información sino que la vamos disfrutando y pidiendo cada vez más. Y, claro, de nada sirve una construcción ejemplar del mundo y del background si no hay personajes que estén creados a la altura de las situaciones. Tenemos un abanico enorme de nombres, especies, razas y criaturas increíbles que vamos conociendo y temiendo a lo largo del libro. Pero lo mejor de todo son los personajes principales: Feyre, Tamlin, Lucien, Rhysand y Amarantha. Son deliciosos... y pueden tomar esa afirmación como mejor les parezca, jajaja. Feyre, a diferencia de muchas protagonistas femeninas de libros juveniles, es tremendamente valiente. Se enfrenta a su destino y a los problemas con la cabeza en alto sin pensar siquiera en rendirse. Antes muerta que derrotada, podría ser su lema. Me fascinó que Sarah J. Maas creara una protagonista de 19 años, madura y que no se anda con rodeos en lo que a disfrutar su cuerpo se refiere. Este detalle hace que la historia sea muchísimo más creíble, interesante y, por supuesto, sexy... aunque eso se veía venir debido a la presencia de seres feéricos. Y, hablando de seres feéricos, empecemos a hablar de los dos bombones (ejem!), digo, faes de la Corte Primavera: Lucien y Tamlin. ¡Vaya personajes! Guerreros poderosos, dominantes y tremendamente atractivos, excepto por ciertas máscaras que hacen parte de una maldición y cubren sus rostros. Aunque, si me lo preguntas a mí, ese detalle los hacía aún más atractivos y misteriosos, por supuesto. Lucien, quien es un emisario para diferentes Cortes, es el mejor amigo de Tamlin, han estado juntos durante mucho tiempo y se protegen como hermanos. La relación que tenían ellos dos me encantó, pues veíamos un vínculo único que iba más allá de una relación de subordinación o servidumbre y se acercaba más a la camaradería entre colegas, entre dos Inmortales que han vivido cientos de años, pero que aún tienen problemas de alguna manera mundanos. Si tuviera que describir en una palabra a Lucien, escogería lealtad. Ahora, Tamlin... ¡por el Caldero! Tamlin... bueno, imagínense a la Bestia de la película de Disney, pero en versión fae y sin la restricción de edad para todo público. Tamlin, Alto Fae de la Corte Primavera, es inteligente, protector, leal, sensible y profundamente intenso. Todo con él nos lleva al límite: sus miradas, sus palabras, sus secretos... absolutamente todo es una explosión para tus sentidos. Vayámonos a un mundo en el que Feyre y Tamlin son reales y pensemos en lo siguiente: si mientras leía A Court of Thorns and Roses mi corazón se saltaba algunos latidos, suspiraba, me faltaba el aire y... más cosas, ¿se imaginan cómo se podría sentir Feyre estando frente a Tamlin? Bueno, calculen...Amarantha... bah, Amarantha es una z*rra. Disculpen mi lenguaje. Lean el libro, entiendan por qué lo digo y vuelvan por aquí a darme la razón. Ahora, lo que sí diré, es que es una z*rra que hace de la última parte del libro algo increíble, hercúleo y cruel... cruel como nunca has visto nada igual.Finalmente, pasemos a Rhysand, Alto Fae de la Corte Noche. Un personaje ambivalente, que está jugando bajo sus propias reglas, nadie sabe cuáles son sus cartas ni cuándo revelará su mano. Rhys, como lo llamamos los amigos, es un Inmortal oscuro y seductor que te enreda en sus garras sin que te des cuenta hasta que ya es muy tarde. Definitivamente, este es un personaje del que quiero conocer muchísimo, pero muchísimo más en A Court of Mist and Fury, libro que, por cierto, QUIERO LEER YA. En definitiva, este libro es una explosión de sentimientos y sensaciones que no vas a poder dejar de lado. Vas a reír, llorar, morir, revivir, ser apuñalado, fangirlear, morir de celos, sentir rabia, amor y... si sigo no voy a acabar nunca. A Court of Thorns and Roses y Sarah J. Maas narran una historia magnífica, con tintes del relato original (y cuando digo original es o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l, no la versión de Disney) de la Bella y la Bestia que se pueden ir identificando, con escenas que te harán quedar sin aliento, líneas épicas y personajes que desearías sacar de las páginas... y no precisamente para dar un paseo por el parque (if you know what I mean because OH MY GODS... THIS BOOK IS HOT). Léanlo, ¡léanlo! ¡LÉANLO YA!

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