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Local Woman Missing Audiobook Summary

New York Times Bestseller

“Dark and twisty, with white-knuckle tension and jaw-dropping surprises.” –Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Home Before Dark

In this smart and chilling thriller, master of suspense Mary Kubica, author of the upcoming Just the Nicest Couple, takes domestic secrets to a whole new level, showing that some people will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried.

People don’t just disappear without a trace…

Shelby Tebow is the first to go missing. Not long after, Meredith Dickey and her six-year-old daughter, Delilah, vanish just blocks away from where Shelby was last seen, striking fear into their once-peaceful community. Are these incidents connected? After an elusive search that yields more questions than answers, the case eventually goes cold.

Now, eleven years later, Delilah shockingly returns. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, but no one is prepared for what they’ll find…

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Local Woman Missing Audiobook Narrator

Brittany Pressley is the narrator of Local Woman Missing audiobook that was written by Mary Kubica

Mary Kubica is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of THE GOOD GIRL and PRETTY BABY.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in History and American Literature. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children and enjoys photography, gardening and caring for the animals at a local shelter. 

About the Author(s) of Local Woman Missing

Mary Kubica is the author of Local Woman Missing

Local Woman Missing Full Details

Narrator Brittany Pressley
Length 11 hours 40 minutes
Author Mary Kubica
Publisher Harlequin Audio
Release date May 18, 2021
ISBN 9781488211690


The publisher of the Local Woman Missing is Harlequin Audio. includes the following subjects: The BISAC Subject Code is Crime, Fiction, Thrillers

Additional info

The publisher of the Local Woman Missing is Harlequin Audio. The imprint is Harlequin Audio. It is supplied by Harlequin Audio. The ISBN-13 is 9781488211690.

Global Availability

This book is only available in the United States.

Goodreads Reviews


August 21, 2021

It’s time for some Mary Kubica math!100 = Target score. Also, if this author writes a thriller there’s a 100% chance I’ll want to read it.+20 = Prologue. A woman knows her husband is cheating on her, but that’s a-okay because she’s cheating on him too. She goes out for “a run” to meet her current side piece, and the chapter ends abruptly as something comes at her. What could it be?! Let's move on to...+30 = Part One. A young girl is held captive and tries to escape. I could not turn these pages fast enough. Run, girl, run! Until we find ourselves at...+50 = Part Two. Three hundred or so pages alternate between the perspectives of Kate, Leo, and Meredith, either focused on present day or eleven years prior when Meredith and her daughter, Delilah, go missing. Despite the jumping around, it’s all very easy to follow. So easy, in fact, that I stayed up way past my bedtime to get to…-15 = The ending. As with most of the Mary Kubica books I’ve read, the conclusion is a bit of a WTF (well that fizzled). Let’s hope you have very high ceilings, cuz you’re going to need to suspend disbelief. 85 = Final score. If you’re looking for a thriller that you’ll want to read in one sitting, you could do much worse. And if you’re looking for Local Woman Missing, you can find the audiobook on the Hoopla library app. ;)Blog: https://www.confettibookshelf.com/


January 26, 2023

Holy moly! Can you hear my heartbeat? Thump thump thump! Wow! I think I fell in love with first 200 pages of this book! I plan to write a love song about it regarding( or thriller song which makes more sense! ) how this book scared me, making me guess about the characters’ connection to solve the big puzzle, made me jumpy, restless, extremely agitated. I thought to declare the book as one of my all time best reads! But as I reach the last 60 pages, something suddenly fell down! That was my high expectation! Twists started to come which I didn’t like and wanted to yell at them to turn back as if they had never happened! And those revelations about the story...hmmm... aren’t they too far fetched? Yes, they are. Especially after reading the last chapter I screamed “no freaking way! “ But it actually happened and I didn’t buy it! I summarized how I fell for a book at first chapter and I fell out from it at last 60 pages! I don’t want to give more clues! You gotta experience by yourself because each book deserves your book perspective. Let’s take a look at the intriguing storyline and give me a few minutes to let me quickly introduce the characters. The story opens with prologue of young mother Shelby in mid twenties, having dysfunctional marriage, seeing lipstick stain on her husband’s shirt but she doesn’t care. She leaves their baby with him: we sense he’s a bad temper and abusive tendencies but don’t worry Shelby isn’t doormat and poor innocent stay at home wife. At night time she turns into runner cheater wife to meet with her lovers. She goes for quick jogging a.k.a.quick making out session with her new lover but she never returns back to her home at that night! Somebody took her! But who? A few weeks later Meredith, a doula, yoga instructor, mother of two beautiful children: Delilah (6) and Leo (3) happily married with Josh, vanishes into thin air along with her daughter Delilah. Is there any serial kidnapper at this peaceful local town? What was the connection of two random women? We go back and forth to gather the pieces of the puzzle. A conjunction between the past and present : 11 years ago: Meredith tells her story how her life turned into the hell and her neighbor Kate living with her partner Bea doing everything she can to help the investigation of her disappearance and at the present time: we’re witnessing the captivity of Delilah and Leo’s changing life after his sister’s coming back. The chapters were incredibly heart pounding, well written. You just keep guessing what the hell happened to those women. Who threatened Meredith? And what happened to them? But I wish the author found a better solution to fix this unique puzzle because the story line was strong. Characters and narrations were amazing. Especially Delilah and Leo’s POVs were my favorites. Delilah’s darkest day in the basement, her survival story and Leo’s inner fight, brokenness, his suffer to be magnet of bullies and outcast of his school truly broke my heart. I wished I could hug those kids and lied them everything is gonna be okay for giving temporary relief. Overall: I gave first 200 pages 5 stars ( I would give 10 if I could) but last 60 pages were big disappointment for me which I gave 2 stars! I liked the execution till the last chapters and the characterization were great till one of the characters completely turn into some villain ( nope, I’m still having second thoughts about it! ) I’m still rounding up 3.5 stars to 4 because it would be not fair to give this book three stars; it’s still one of the best written books with worst conclusion! I was still expecting more satisfying wrapping up. Anyways my butt is so numb! It was my longest and most restless one sit reading! I still recommend to the genre lovers and author’s loyal fans like me!bloginstagramfacebooktwitterm


August 29, 2021

i dont think ive read a mystery/thriller where it feels like the story is working backwards.im not sure how to describe it other than the reader is given the entire picture, a large mural of everything that has happened. but, as the story progresses, the visual gets smaller, the general collage becoming individual screenshots, until the focus is finally pinpointed on the one quick, fleeting moment that created the picture in the first place.its really interesting the way the information is revealed like that.and its this shift, from the larger narrative to smaller details, that really sold the story for me. because, if im being honest, i wasnt wholeheartedly into the hidden secrets of the suburban families. domestic mystery/thrillers are a hit or miss for me, and this one was slightly leaning more towards a miss. thank goodness the intrigue of a missing girl returning home after 11 years was fascinating enough to keep me interested in the plot.but all in all, easily recommendable to readers who want a slow-burn story about family lies, neighbourly suspicions, and secrets hidden in plain sight.↠ 3.5 stars


December 15, 2021

reading vlog https://youtu.be/OOwrX15Ig0Q

Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

December 30, 2020

4+ stars! Pulse-pounding from start to finish!A small town neighbourhood. One woman goes missing leaving her newborn baby and husband behind. Weeks later another local woman and her young daughter don’t come home. The town is shocked and devastated. Could there be a link between these families?This story gripped me from start to finish — I was hanging on every word feeling a strong sense of unease and tension. The mystery is intense, fast-paced, anxiety-filled and something that I felt extremely invested in throughout. The writing was outstanding! I cared for each of the characters and the situations they found themselves in. My mind was whirling with trying to piece the parts of this engrossing story together. Warning that there are some deeply disturbing scenes involving children, especially at the start. Though the scenario is extremely upsetting and creepy, it was written in such a way that I simply couldn’t put it down. I was completely consumed by this book. The theme of motherhood is woven deep within this story. I thought the author did a phenomenal job portraying the struggles and successes of the women within this story. Very well developed characters overall!My one critique would be the ending felt like it didn’t fit with the “amazing-ness” of the rest of the book. The ending seemed unrealistic, yet I was able to roll with it because the writing was so addictive and well done. Overall, an extremely entertaining and suspenseful novel that I highly recommend!Thank you to Edelweiss and Park Row for my review copy! Expected date of publication is May 18, 2021.


May 18, 2021

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY! It started with a local woman missing, but there’s always more to the story.Eleven years ago, Shelby Tebow went missing on a dark night. Soon after, Meredith Dickey and her daughter, Delilah, vanished...seemingly without a trace. They were all from the same area. Now, eleven years later, Delilah has escaped captivity and returns home. Emotionally scarred and malnourished, she understandably has a hard time adjusting.What actually happened to Delilah on the day she went missing? What happened to the other local women missing?This is an engrossing thriller, told from multiple POVs and alternating timelines. Despite some difficult content, author Mary Kubica kept me intrigued and on my toes as I tried to piece together the plot. The characters are richly portrayed with many emotions and perspectives. There’s a sense of unease as the tension intensifies, and I didn’t expect how everything would come together. I always appreciate that in a novel. As for the ending, it’s a little out there and seems unlikely. However, it didn’t ruin the book for me, and I appreciate the originality even if I would have preferred something a bit more realistic to match the rest of the plot. Another solid addition to Kubica’s work, and I would recommend this one to those looking for a suspenseful and gripping read. Thank you to Park Row for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this book, and providing me a widget through NetGalley. The novel will be published on: 5/18/21. Review will also be posted at: https://bonkersforthebooks.wordpress.com on 5/11/21.


May 22, 2021

People don’t just disappear without a trace...“Crayons go missing. Puzzle pieces go missing. Moms and Sisters do not go missing”.And yet, that is what is happening in this once peaceful community. First it’s new mom, Shelby Tebow, out for a run at ten PM, after taking care of the baby all day, and then spending some time with her husband Jason eating dinner and watching TV.Two weeks later, it’s Meredith Dickey and her six year old daughter, Delilah. The “MISSING” posters for Shelby still flutter in the wind..Could the cases be related?Told with a backdrop of unrelenting rain, gray clouds, and flooding, the story unfolds from a timeline of 11 YEARS ago, when the disappearances occur, to the PRESENT DAY, when Delilah reappears after escaping from captivity. The POV’s vary as well. We hear from Delilah in PART ONE.In PART TWO we hear from Meredith, her son Leo, and her neighbor, Kate.There are plenty of secrets in this neighborhood, and plenty of suspects to choose from, and Mary Kubica uses them expertly to misdirect us. Her natural, engaging writing style has been HOOKING me in from page one, since her debut in 2014, with MOST of her books earning 4 ⭐️from me! They always lose a ⭐️ for stretching “believability “ with the endings, and this one is no exception. But, don’t let that stop you from reading this VERY ENTERTAINING story! READ the prologue again AFTER you finish the book! AVAILABLE NOW! Thank You to my local library for supplying a copy on Publication Day!


January 04, 2021

Holy Shooty Balls! Holy Shooty Balls! Holy Shooty Balls!This is exactly why MARY KUBICA is a favourite author! She never ever disappoints!LOCAL WOMAN MISSING by MARY KUBICA was an immediately gripping and immersive story that was an all consuming page-turner. Once I started reading this one it was all I could think of and do until I finished. It was absolutely unputdownable!The story was intense and had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page to the very last one. I haven’t been this invested and excited about a book in quite some time. After finishing, I said now that’s my type of story and I want to read more books like this please! MARY KUBICA delivers an intriguing, suspenseful, compelling, exciting, fast-paced, and enthralling story here that was so incredibly written. I was totally invested in the characters and cared deeply for them. I loved the dual past and present timelines as well as all the multiple narrators. The way that the story came together in the end was absolutely perfect and had me feeling all those giddy book emotions that I strive for.MARY KUBICA had me totally baffled throughout this whole story and I didn’t figure out any of the reveals! Expected date of publication is May 18, 2021Make sure to put this one on your TBR because it is definitely one not to be missed!!!Thank you so much to Edelweiss, Mary Kubica and Park Row for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book.


June 13, 2021

Ahhhhh this was SO GOOD. I didn't expect to love this as much as I did. Totally didn't see any of that coming. Reading vlog where I read it: https://youtu.be/IBmz8kzf7DY


March 16, 2021

Shelby Tebow is the first to go missing and shortly afterwards Meredith Dickey and her six year old daughter Delilah also disappear. Eleven years later a girl is found who is identified as Delilah. The story is told in two timelines from eleven years ago and now and by Meredith, Delilah, Leo her younger brother and by neighbour Kate. Mary Kubica writes cracking thrillers which I always enjoy reading. Delilah’s storyline is dark, intense and horrifying and she’s beyond brave. Some of the descriptions of her situation are very sobering as you appreciate the depth of her trauma and suffering. Meredith’s point of view becomes increasingly intense, tense, frightening and suspenseful as we reach the conclusion. Leo’s perspective is very illuminating as it demonstrates the destruction that serious crime has on individuals and on family dynamics, it’s heartbreaking. Kate’s neighbourly perspective is interesting as the viewpoint of onlookers is often intriguing. The novel contains powerful emotions in the storytelling with everything from shame and guilt to shock, torment and horror. The novel is gripping, the pace is fast, the storytelling taut and full of suspense and tension with major twists that are very disturbing. My reservation of the book lies in the ending which I find far fetched and somewhat unrealistic and I think it lets the previous incendiary storytelling down. It deserves better!Overall though, reservation aside it’s very hard to put down as it grips in a vice like hold! It’s a well written thriller as you’d expect from Mary With thanks to NetGalley and HQ for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.


June 25, 2021

Mary Kubica sure knows how to write an edge of your seat suspenseful novel! I listened to the audio which was perfectly narrated.A woman goes missing one night while out jogging in a small town. Then shortly another lady and her child go missing as well.This book is told through changing timelines and surprisingly it works and is easy to follow. The timeline switched to eleven years prior when the women go missing to present day. There are four points of views. One is Delilah, who has been held captive for eleven years and her subsequent escape. Then there is, Leo (Delilah's brother,) Meredith (Delilah's mother) and Kate (a neighbour of Delilah's.)This book was both entertaining and suspenseful. My only problem was the ending. It was both wrapped up a little too neatly and unbelievable but it did not take away from my enjoyment. Still a clever book that suspense fans will surely enjoy.


July 05, 2021

Yesssssss. Thrill meter has swung over to the green. A thriller that finally thrilled. My first Kubica and I’m delighted I was not disappointed. Thrillers and mysteries haven’t satisfied me this year but this one did it in spades.A woman and her daughter go missing. The daughter appears 11 years later after being held in a basement.The deceit and drama in this neighbourhood will make your head whirl.A fast page turner with all the elements to make it a necessary. Twisty - yes. Didn’t see it coming- yes.There was a flaw which did momentarily give me pause but I was able to move past it and get on with the story.Two thumbs up for this one. Yippee!4⭐️


November 07, 2021

If you are looking for a twisty ride that will keep you guessing, look no more. The latest thriller by Mary Kubica had me reading way past my bedtime. Told through multiple POVs, we learn about a missing woman and a missing mother and daughter. From perspectives, both past and present, suspects are introduced and motives are revealed. The book is fast paced and suspenseful with a constant underlying feeling of foreboding and dread. The ending seemed slightly rushed and a little implausible, but I still enjoyed the read. There is a trigger warning of child abuse. I would also recommend that all mothers to be wait to read this after delivery. Thank you Goodreads and Park Row for my ARC. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


June 12, 2021

4.0 stars— “Local Woman Missing” is the third book by Mary Kubica that I have read. Ms. Kubica is a very talented writer who does a good job of juggling multiple characters and writing from different, distinct perspectives in all of her books. “Woman” is no different as it tells the story of two women and a young girl who all go missing within a short timespan. The book alternates from the perspectives of one of the friends of the missing mother, the missing mother herself, the missing girl and the missing girl’s brother. Despite these multiple narratives, Kubica does a great job of tying the story together and building a great mystery. The book starts off very strong with Delilah, the missing girl, describing the horror of her life after being kidnapped and her planned escape. Kubica also does an excellent job with Meredith’s narrative as she makes you feel her fear of being stalked by an apparent psycho. Then there was the ending —which just didn’t ring true after such a great buildup for the first 80% of the novel. However, Kubica writes so well and is so good at building tension in her stories, I will definitely be reading her next book.

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