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Create human quality voice over recordings in real time. Narrate text, videos, explainers – anything you have – in any style. 

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$10B Public Company uses Speechify AI Voice Over for Earnings Call

On Feb 28, 2023, Endeavor (NYSE: EDR) made history by delivering its annual earnings call using an AI voice over from Speechify.

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Create human quality voice over recordings in real time. Narrate text, videos, explainers – anything you have – in any style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Speechify Voice Over Studio is different from Speechify Text to Speech Reader and they’re two different subscriptions.

Speechify’s Text to Speech Reader is an app that reads any text aloud in a natural-sounding voice and can be used to read books, articles, PDFs, emails—whatever you’re reading. Voice Over Studio allows users to create high-quality, human-sounding voice overs for their own content, such as podcasts, videos and audiobooks. Voice Over Studio provides a variety of professional voice actors and offers advanced editing and customization features to help users create the perfect voice over for their content.

Speechify Voice Over Studio is unique in that it allows users to create high-quality and natural-sounding voice overs using human voices. We achieve this using our proprietary Speechify technology, which analyzes a human voice and creates a custom voice model that can then be used to generate voice transmissions for various applications. This differs from traditional text-to-speech readers that use pre-recorded or synthetic voices that sound robotic and unnatural. 

The speechify Voice Over Studio also provides the most granular and flexible editing and customization tools on the market to enhance the final product. Our feature set surpasses the features offered by any other tool available, all while maintaining affordable prices. The mission of Speechify Voice Over Studio is to provide exceptional features that delight our customers.

Voice actors regularly cost $200+ for just a minute of audio. Speechify can easily save any business $10,000+ per month. The Speechify Voice Over Studio will also improve the quality and impact of your audio content, which leads to better engagement with your target audience and increased revenue opportunities.

As long as you want and it has full functionality. This free plan is designed to give users a taste of our product’s capabilities and to help them decide if they want to upgrade to a paid plan. Once you’re ready to start sharing what you’ve built with the outside world and you need to download your work to an mp3, you can upgrade your plan to Voice Over Pro or reach out to our sales team for enterprise pricing.

No. The Voice Over Studio free tier is built for users who want to see how our product works. When you’re ready to start sharing Voice Over Studio with the outside world, please upgrade to Voice Over Pro! 

Yes! The whole point of Speechify Voice Over is to help you quickly scale your content. If you want to turn your English content into 20 other languages and do it fast, we can help. 

We saw so much! Here are some ideas:

E-learning and training materials: You can add voice overs to e-learning and training materials, including videos and presentations, for more engaging and immersive learning.

Google Slides voice-over plugin: Speechify offers a Google Slides plugin feature for voice recording. Once you add a voice recording to a presentation with Google Slides, you can set the sound to play automatically when a slide is displayed or when the viewer clicks on a specific element on the slide. You can also adjust the volume and other playback settings to ensure that the voice recording plays exactly what you want.

Explainer or Youtube videos: Voice overs can be used to narrate explainer videos, which are an effective way to communicate complex ideas or processes to an audience. Speechify Voice Over Studio helps you create clear and professional voiceovers that make your videos more effective.

Ads and commercials: You can use Speechify Voice Over Studio to create effective ads and commercials that grab the attention of your target audience. Your voiceovers will sound polished and professional, which will help increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Telephony: Use Speechify Voice Over Studio to create professional voiceovers for IVR (interactive voice response) systems and telephone greetings.

Podcasts and Audiobooks: With Speechify Voice Over Studio, you can create high-quality podcasts and audiobooks that are easy to listen to and engage your audience. You can create voiceovers that capture the tone and mood of your content, making your podcasts and audiobooks more engaging for listeners.

These are just a few examples of the many possible use cases for Speechify Voice Over Studio. If you need high-quality voice recordings, Speechify Voice Over Studio is a great choice for you.

Yes! Speechify Voice Over Studio is meant for creators, businesses, and anyone who wants to put their content out into the world.

Yes! And we have several features specifically designed for Youtube creators.